Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A captive ‘s desire

 Time immemorial, injustice has been served . Women have always played a multi faceted role in a patriarchal society . The underlying truth is , it has never been easy for her . Living in the 21 st century , what has really changed ?

Dowry deaths, women burned and killed in the name of dowry . Girls sold for money . Flesh trade is rampant . Human trafficking, domestic abuse so many still have no end . Assaults on the rise ! Then tell me ? What has really changed ? 

Today it’s even more murkier . Girls are still buried alive . A male heir mandatory ! Girls are derived from education in some remote areas . Reason it’s a perogative of the male . There are so many instances where a girl is repeatedly shunned . In some places there’s a discrimination in the way food is served . From a young age , she is conditioned to keep the likes and dislikes of the men in the family . Stand and serve food while they are eating ! Why ? For a change why can’t the men serve ?

When a girl is getting married , why is she asked to learn all the household chores . Why isn’t the boy questioned the same ?

In the name of compatibility, she’s left sometimes at the altar and sometimes post altar. If she fails to beget a male heir , it’s the biggest sin she has committed . She’s mercilessly taunted for being a barren .Sometimes even left callously . Does she have the same right if the roles are reversed . 

Every action of hers is questioned by different moral judges . Equality is it really understood or it has just reduced to being spelled in our English essays and readers . 

Abuse if women physically and emotionally is something which really makes me think the most . 

Women have to fight the shackles . Wear the armour of confidence and fight the patriarchal mindset . Some women have reached the moon and some still yearn for the moon . There are two diverse sides of womanhood . The balance is still missing 

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