Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Bygone Era

 Some things from the yester years have a magnetic pull after a few hundred years too. One such Dynasty is the Qutub Shahi . There is something magnetic about it . Whether you go to their forts or their tombs , it’s Mesmerising. Every time I go , I feel a different aura . 

Being a history student and loving history could have added to it . But what I loved was the feel of the place . It always gives a different vibe . I always feel strongly about it . It’s like history is coming alive . 

The beautiful reign of a dynamic Dynasty coming alive once again . Their stories , their fight against power , it’s all so interesting . How each one ruled . The best is the reign of the powerful queen . A symbol of strength and embodiment of a ruler in it’s truest sense 

After a long time, finally their restoration is going on. It’s interesting to see how methodolically it’s been carrying out . Meticulously planned . Whenever I go there , I can feel the glory of the bygone , how they must have reigned . 

Every good thing does come to an end and so did this Dynasty. What I’m happy about it is it’s being restored and preserved for the future generations to witness . 

“ We are gone ! Long after we are gone , you will come searching for us in our resting places . You will bring us alive amidst our resting places “

I hope they start their story telling sessions in the midst of the tombs . The beautiful stories of them , who walked the earth once upon a time . I can go on and on . 

Will come back later with more interesting facts . 

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