Saturday, November 28, 2020

A Bigger shift !!

Is Pandemic playing a catalyst to the suppression which was stilled . 

Is  it the calm before the storm 

A storm which is brewing in every corner of the world . A chaotic cauldron of problems which is slowly brewing in the form of  Financial collapse, Recession , Uncountable deaths , Protests and Rebellions .

Where are we heading ? 

I do not see any iota of peace in any form . 

I just see a deep restlessness . It feels like the lava brewing just before the volcanic burst .

Every heart is worried . Every eye tearful. Where is peace ?

This is the time when you have to lend your comfort and support to your near and dear ones .keep the faith on .

Positivity will keep you going.

Keep praying for the world and mankind . 

The storm is brewing .

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