Sunday, November 8, 2020

1 year - 365 opportunities

 I came across this and thought to myself “ What positivity “. This is so true !

Every dawn a new sunrise , every sunset the end . If we go with this , it’s actually very easy to be positive . If every morning you wake up thinking, today’s a new beginning. Look forward to the day . Go with this belief that if for some reason, it’s not going the way you like it with the sunset, it’s going to end . Tomorrow is another new day . 

All days cannot and will not be the same . Neither do we ? That’s the beauty of change. We are both in a cycle of constant change without realising it . Subtly changing now and then . 

This thought of 365 opportunities really got me going. If we think of it like that how many opportunities are going to come my way . In whatever form ! Believe me ! It does work !

Remember! Universe is listening ! It’s our sound box . Shout it out to the universe and see how beautifully things unfold . Wa

Wake up with a smile and a positive mindset . Think what new opportunity is in store for me . Start thinking and the opportunity will take shape . 

Life itself is an unknown path and a destination we keep going towards . No journal , no manual to guide us . Each to its own . 

How well we walk the path is the true test !!

Stay blessed beautiful souls and think of the beautiful opportunities lying in wait for you 😊

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