Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wish List

 This morning I woke up thinking what to write ? I sat in meditative silence during my morning yoga pranayama. I was still blank . I finished my class . I was looking through some beautiful images . One really touched me . It led inspiration to my writing . 

It was an image of a beautiful tiny lamp hanging against a painted sky . Awashed in colours of sunset . A tiny , cute bird perched near it . I felt it was calling me to sit with it for a while . 

When I sat with it . I felt it telling me. What do you wish for this beautiful morning Shireen ? I answered “ I don’t know little bird ! What should I wish for?

It said “ Would you like wishing for others for the citizens of the world “

I answered “ Yes”! 

So we bought sat together in meditative silence and prayed together. 

Let each one be filled with immense joy , prosperity .

Gratitude to fill each heart and hearth .

Let warmth envelop each being . 

Let smile grace each face .

Let no eyes shed tears and know sorrow . 

Let them gather strength to fight the tough times . 

May they combat it with brace souls and hearts 💕.

Let every corner of the Globe radiate positive energy .

Fill each hearth with good tidings . 

Then the little bird flew away with a little flutter . Leaving me happy and filling my whole being with immense gratitude. 

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

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