Thursday, October 22, 2020

Theft at the Red Blossom Manor House

 Lady Rebecca White looked a goddess in golden . She was excited for the ball tonight . She quickly got into the carriage . They started straight away for the Manor House . 

She met her friend as she was entering the Banquet Hall. It was a huge hall . It had been beautifully adorned tonight with hanging vases . Something brought in from Italy . Truly an unusual setting . It was a sit down dinner . Their name placards had  already been placed on the long table . She went and sat down near her placard . As she was settling down , she heard a deep voice on her right . “ May I? He questioned. She quickly turned towards the voice . It was definitely him . She recognised the eyes and the voice instantly . He smiled and nodded in agreement to her unasked question . 

They instantly got talking . They were so engrossed in each other , they did not notice anyone else . They were totally oblivious to what was happening around them. Once or twice they were asked questions by the other guests too . They didn’t realise, how quickly the time had flown . They were already being served desserts .

After that the men broke for wine and cheese . The women went on to have coffee . The musical started just then. It was very enjoyable. She was exceptionally good at singing . Just as the party was underway. Suddenly a woman’s loud scream brought everything to a standstill . She said “ In the room “. And fainted . 

They quickly rushed towards the room she pointed . Truly enough Baron Longway lay unconscious. He was hit on the head . There was a swelling near his temples . The safe door lay wide open . It had been wiped clean . 

The party dispersed . Everyone had lost the mood to party . 

The investigation was underway. Lady Rebecca White left with her mother . On the way they kept talking about the theft . 

She kept wondering! Why had the crimes increased all of s sudden . 

Tomorrow they would start their private investigation.

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