Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The significance of 40!

 I never truly understood the magic of 40 till I was teaching Waldorf. The concept made clearer then. For a human to adapt a habit  , it’s proven scientifically too, the Rhythm should continue for 40 days . The magical number 40 has been a turning point in many leading personalities lives . 

That’s why they said sometimes till 40 , you might not even be clear with what you truly want in life . The turning point could hit you at 40 or sometimes even at 42. There will be a turmoil within you . You might want to break away from your old , existing patterns . Sometimes it could even be a change in career . A lot of life altering decisions are taken! Don’t be overwhelmed, it’s the most natural . 

Respect it !! It could be your calling ! 

For children to adapt into a routine , whether it’s a hobby , a lesson or even an everyday habit . Remember! Stick to the 40/45 day pattern. You’ll see the magic happening . Once it’s embedded deep down . Your work is done ! They will go back to it themselves!!

Don’t undermine the magic of 40. Don’t we start truly living our life at 40😊😉!

I always like to believe in this phrase , incidentally, coined by me “  Truly young at 40”!


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