Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Power of You

 A greatly inspiring book “ The Power of You “ by Shivi Dua. A random pick at the bookstore was greatly instrumental in changing my outlook towards life . It was an ordinary afternoon, my favourite haunt , Akshara Book Store.I was busy browsing through the books . Suddenly I chanced upon this book . I’m usually not much into self help books . But this book greatly influenced my way of thinking. It leant a different perspective.

I would like to share , what really brought about a change. She says in clear terms , “ Your life is your own canvas or maybe your landscape”.What you see , is your perception. That same landscape or canvas might appear different to different people. Would you keep changing your landscape or canvas to accommodate everyone all the time?. This really made me think ! 

She believes in the “ Power of You” and the “ Power of Now” . What you have is the present moment . So do your best in the present moment . Leave the rest !

Even the best laid out plans can go haywire.What better example , then the Pandemic to drive this thought Home . 

Stay blessed lovelies!

Just some Saturday afternoon musings 😊

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