Sunday, October 25, 2020

The poignance of a farewell

 Farewell thee !!

So much of depth in these two words . So many different kinds of farewells in this world. Farewell to an old habit 

Farewell to a place 

Farewell to old memories 

Farewell to relations

Farewell to Emotions 

All a farewell in 

Some form or the other 

Farewell in many a ways 

And many a forms 

Farewell in thoughts 

Farewell in Thoughts 

Farewell in words

Farewell to a place 

Farewell to memories

Farewell to so many things in life . 

Farewell to negativity. 

Does a farewell bring a prelude to anything positive ? 

How many things we gather in our journey . How many things we leave  . How many things we keep with us till the end. How many we lose on our way . 

Hardest is bidding farewell to something beautiful. Something which leaves its impact deep within us . The hardest is , when you lose a loved one . Bidding farewell and sending them off is the hardest . Sometimes life doesn’t even give you a chance for farewells . 

What we can do best is always hope for something better . What is gone has moved ahead in it’s journey. We have to move on in our onwards journey. 

Keep the precious , beautiful memories within you . Hold them tight ! Be ready to make some more beautiful ones . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

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