Thursday, October 15, 2020


 I just chose this today. Without knowing what I wanted to actually put down. But then my thoughts just flowed . 

Today in the pandemic, being thrown out literally to battle more , is what is happening. Floods have taken away people’s livelihood, living, crops , families have been uprooted , some have even lost their loved ones . 

All this really makes me think of the uncertainty of life . Here we keep thinking 🤔 

what to do next . People sitting in their houses were suddenly left to combat one more calamity !

I feel like really asking him sometimes, what’s more in store ? Is it the Advant of negatives from here on ,. Or just a bend in the road ? Will we find green pastures . The world feels more chaotic and turmoiled by the minute . 

I just see misery laden hearts , despaired , heart broken individuals! In this ,the ones who can be positive and be a pillar for others !! Please do !! 

They really need it!! 

A special mention to all those kind hearted souls , those humanitarians , who went out into the torrential rains to help the ones who were stranded. 

Seeing Brave hearts like you , the faith in Humanity still stays !!

Stay blessed. Stay safe .


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