Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday night’s s plans gone awry

 Daria had been excited since almost a month for tonight. It was her cousins reunion tonight. They were all excited for the dinner tonight. It’s going to be a fun night tonight. Daria was very excited. Daria had taken pains with what she intended to wear tonight. But Alas ! Who knew it was going to turn out to be a comedy of sorts .

The day dawned misty and to a certain extent gloomy . But nothing could dampen Daria’s Excitement! As she was fixing her parlour appointment for her hair, a loud wail came from her son’s bedroom “ Mummy! Mummy!

Daria quickly hung up and rushed to her son’s room . He was just 2. A cute , cuddly , naughty 2 year old . He was in bed looking unwell. Daria looked at him and her heart sank . He was running temperature. She quickly got an appointment with his doctor. She took him there and got home and settled him.  The nanny was with him . Just then her daughter screamed. Ohh! God ! What now exclaimed Daria . She rushed , something had bitten her daughter ‘s eye . It was all red and swollen. A cute , pudgy 5 year old . Again she rushed to the doctor. She just got home , hoping to rest a bit and hopefully still be in time for the reunion. Her husband came home complaining of excruciating pain in his stomach. No way ! She took him to the hospital. Luckily it was nothing serious. He had a mild stomach infection which would take  a day to settle. After settling all of them and leaving them in the hands of her well trained nanny , she finally went in for a shower which she decided to change into a long relaxing soak in the tub . 

She came out and the maid knocked on the door. Looking very uncomfortable. Daria’s  Heart sank . She truly wanted to scream by now . She quickly asked “ what happened “?

The maid showed the burnt remains of her beautiful black sequins top which she was supposed to wear tonight. Daria shut the door . She took a deep breath. Her yoga teacher’s voice reverabrated in her mind . She could actually hear her saying “ Breathe in ! Breathe out !. Daria was actually ready to kill someone. Thank God ! She didn’t have a weapon !! Finally after composing herself for sometime. She quickly dressed herself. Just then her cousins called up hysterically “ Daria the restaurant is saying there’s no reservation for us !.

Daria was shocked , this couldn’t be happening. There was a slight muddle up . The one who had taken her reservation had gone on leave . Forgetting to inform the others . They were totally packed .

She quickly called her friend who ran a quiet little restaurant. Luckily he could fit them in . Lucky for them there was a Gourmet European chef visiting , they would get to taste some Gourmet dishes . She quickly got dressed and finally reached there !!

Phew 😅 what a day !

Please God now not let anything ruin it . 

One of her cousin was allergic to shrimp. She had forgotten to tell them there in the excitement. As she finished having dinner , her face started turning blotchy and itchy . She was quickly rushed to the medical to buy her allergy medicine. 

Finally they sat at a midnight cafe enjoying their midnight coffee and chocolate mousse !! Laughing to themselves. They had still made it !!

“ All’s well that ends well”😊

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