Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Rainy day Musings

 I have never understood why a rainy morning makes me want to write more . I always feel my thoughts start having a will of their own . Compelling me to write more and more . I just love the beauty of this kind of a morning. 

All dewy and luminous. It’s like everything in nature has been given a new lease of life . Freshly washed and scrubbed . They look squeaky clean . I always feel like it’s their Spa day 😁😁. But all this definitely motivates the writer in me . 

I hope you all are blessed with positivity and a platter of positivism. Smiles lace your mood . Have a good day ahead . I love these mornings . There’s something very beautiful in it . 

Sometimes even writers can’t put it in words . Some things have to be felt. Sometimes even words don’t do justice . Maybe it’s the same here . 

Stay blessed lovelies and don’t forget your muillion dollar smiles 😊😁


  1. And don't you just love going out after the rain stops? That rich smell of wet earth and steaming vegetation! The flowers and shrubs all stretching out and shaking themselves, birds flapping their soaking wings to dry them out. It's like there's a collective sigh going around in nature, waking up after a binge drinking session.

  2. Yes Definitely!!! You have beautifully penned the aftermath . Thank you. Really appreciate you being here 😊Thanks


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