Monday, October 19, 2020

Purpose of Life

 Rosana thought waking up “ why should I wake up ? What is the use of my life “

These thoughts plagued her day in and day out . She had lost a lot of things in her life . She was layered with hurt and scars of the bygones . Despaired beyond repair . That’s when she found her purpose of life . 

One day as she was heading out for work , she saw a boy of 12 , walking down the street . His eyes sparkling and looking extremely happy . Something in Rosana lifted within. She felt a tiny trickle of unexplained joy washing through her veins . She stopped the boy and got talking to him. He explained , he was an orphan . He lived in the orphanage down the street . He said many people came and helped and did voluntary work . Today he was being taken to learn art . He spontaneously invited her to the orphanage. Rosana till date didn’t know, why she agreed to go with him. She called in sick at work and followed him. 

She never knew that chance meeting would change her forever. Today she’s a much happier person . She’s found her purpose in life . She’s working at the orphanage in her free time . 

Never despair in the journey of life . You never know what your purpose could be . Sometimes , we feel , we are tested beyond our capacity . But it’s not so ! We are tested to be made stronger and more compassionate . Never feel dejected or heart broken . Your story has been written by the best playwright . Some scenes in your play of life , might be a little tougher but then some might be beautiful too. Welcome each experience!!

Always believe your purpose is here for something bigger . You have to keep going towards it undaunted . Keep the faith going !! O’ beautiful citizens of the world ! Each of you are here for something beautiful! Never let anyone or anything take that away from you 😊

Stay blessed. Stay safe . Stay happy 😁

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