Friday, October 30, 2020

Paint Fiasco

 Avalie was called by her dear friend Emma . Emma had invited her to help her with the painting to be under taken at her house . Avalie arrived early ! All Excited !

Emma quickly briefed her . Just then Emma’s Mother needed some help . Emma had to leave Avalie in charge of the painting . Avalie got down to instructing the painters . She even offered to help . 

Mr. Smith a cheerful man got down to working . Busy mixing the paint . He was humming  a jaunty tune . Avalie decided to check what was happening in the other rooms . Mr . Browne was busy in the other room . Avalie decided to start painting the fence . She saw a bucket of something white in the tub . Thinking Mr . Smith had left extra paint . She got down to painting . Little realising that was Eraldite . Mr Sam walked in and by mistake he touched the freshly painted fence . He was unable to move. Avalie panicked and rushed in . As she was rushing in , she kicked the bucket of paint . The paint splattered on the floor . She was trying to shout out to Mr.Browne to be careful. He walked quickly and slipped on the paint . He lay in a pool of paint . Mr John came from the other room . Just then the cook was getting the tea and biscuits for all of them . She didn’t see Avalie rounding the corner . They both bumped into each other . The tea and biscuits flew all around and the hot tea fell on Mr.John burning him . 

Avalie decided to help them get up . She had carried her bucket of Eraldite . Now the Eraldite also lay splashed on the floor . Mixed with the paint . 

All of them were glued to the floor . Just then her friend and Mrs. Barnes , her mother came in . Seeing the mess , she fainted at the entrance . 

Her father and brothers were quickly called it . It took a while to unglue all of them . 

Poor Avalie , she and disaster went hand in hand .

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