Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Murder in the Library

 Lady Rebecca White quickly came back and joined her friends . She had promised the Marquis of Canteberry a waltz . She was dancing , when from across the floor , she could see her friends beckoning her . She quickly excused herself and started walking towards her friends. Suddenly her mother’s best friend stopped her . She had to stop and speak to her . By then her friends were gone. 

She started walking towards the other part of the mansion . Hoping to see her friends . She heard movement on the right side . She turned in at the corner . The door stood ajar . Thinking her friends had gone in to snoop . She tiptoed towards it . It was a beautiful library. But no one was there . Just as she decided to turn the corner . She spotted a movement near the extreme right . The book shelves were lined with velvet bound books . She walked there . Suddenly someone pulled her tight towards himself. He shushed her . Putting a finger to his mouth. Indicating her not to make a sound . 

Then he pulled her closer and kissed her thoroughly . Leaving her senseless . Suddenly they heard angry , muffled voices . A loud thudding sound and a scream . Someone quickly exited . This masked man quickly took hold of her hand and exited from the other door . The Baron of s huckleberry was lying in a pool of blood . 

He took her towards the edge of the garden and vanished quickly. 

She turned and went into the terraced area . There was a lot of excitement. 

Her friends called out to her . They quickly decided to meet tomorrow morning to discuss what had happened. 

Her mother was getting frantic . She had already called for the carriage . 

Lady Rebecca White hardly slept . This man had left her breathless. She kept thinking about him. Towards dawn she finally fell asleep.

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