Sunday, October 25, 2020

Murder in the Alley

 Just as they were dispersing from the ball , Marquis got a sealed envelope. He quickly moved away and found a message for him. It said “ Meet me in the Alley . Important information for you regarding the murder “!.

He quickly signaled to his other friend . Explained to him in hurried tones and they quickly left the ball. Walking towards the secret Alley. One more friend had  been informed. He would be guarding the other entrance . As they were coming into the Alley.


.They  heard a whisper in the dark . 

“ I’m here “.! 

He came out . A scruffy  looking dirty man . He started explaining “ There are more murders planned “!

He was just starting to explain , when they were gunshots and he fell down in a pool of blood . 

Marquis and his friend quickly moved away and into the shadows . Their third friend was waiting with the carriage . He said “ I saw 2 men running away . By the time I caught up with them . They went away in the hackney”.

This was getting gory by the minute. The Marquis kept thinking about what the man said “ More Murders planned “!

He fell asleep in a dreamless sleep . Thinking about those beautiful eyes . 

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