Saturday, October 31, 2020

Murder at the theatre

 Lady Rebecca White and her family were settled in their places. Her friends sat next to her with their families . Marquis John and his comarades were sitting on the adjacent side. 

He looked very serious and watchful tonight . Lady Rebecca White nudged her friend and whispered “ I hope nothing untoward happens tonight “!

In between Marquis John and Baron Steele left their box for sometime to quietly investigate. Everything seemed fine so far . Those two new gentlemen were sitting across , on the other side of Marquis John. He wasn’t getting good vibes about these two . Something was definitely not in place . 

Everyone got involved in the second part of the play . It was very gripping as it was a murder mystery . Few people started moving towards the balcony . Out in the hall , some of them were just gathering , when a loud piercing scream ranted the air . 

Marquis John and Baron Steele were the first ones to reach . Duke Longerev lay murdered on the floor . 

Marquis John remembered that voice “ More Murders are planned “!

Ohh !! 

God !! 

Something had to be done fast. Time was racing against them . 

John and Steele quickly decided to visit that Tavern tonight . 

They left the theatre in a rush . 

Lady Rebecca White and her friends on the other side were discussing the same about quickly hurrying their quiet investigation.

Who do you think will uncover it ?

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