Thursday, October 8, 2020

Misty Moments

 A beautiful misty morning hazed by the brilliance of the morning rays greeted Lady Rebecca White. A headstrong, vivacious, vibrant personality loved by all! She wanted to make a difference in her boring world of ballroom dancing, Morning Soirées, Coffee Evenings and boring Theatre days.

She was truly different. An only sister to three loving , doting brothers. She would literally pluck the sun, moon , stars for her . Okay ! Maybe the whole galaxy😁. She loved her brothers equally. Her father’s loving Princess and Mother’s not so favourite 😉. She would be constantly reprimanded to repair her tom boyish ways . Her tom boyish attitude never approved by her prim and proper mother . 

Her constant favourite line , which Lady Rebecca White had mastered to perfection. “ Lady Rebecca White could you please kindly be more Lady like . You are a disgrace. For the love of God can you be more Lady like !”.

Lady Rebecca White would give an exasperated sigh ! . And mutter to herself “ Here ! It comes again “.

But never to take anything to heart . She would go on with life . Quietly helping women in need . She would collect her money and give it to the group formed by “ Sisters of Charity “.

Her like minded friends started a paper and journal writing anonymously. Discussing women’s issues at length. She would sneak out and attend her meetings . There were 8 of them in this . Her favourite group ! They would sometimes have a naughty book reading session too. To inject a bit of light heartnedness. Dynamic women with Dynamic Thoughts !

Lady Rebecca White loved her Manor called “ Blooming Orchard Manor”. A beautiful, picturesque Manor . With blooming flowers all around . She loved to sit under her favourite Apple Blossoms and daintily sip her Lavender tea . Lady Rebecca White enjoyed painting too. Sometimes she took to the canvas and lost herself in the world of colours !

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