Thursday, October 15, 2020

Meeting at Lavender Hall

 Lady Rebecca White woke up early the next morning. She quickly got dressed and told her mother that she was going to her friend’s place. Countess Josephine More was one among the 8 in the group . Her best friend too. She wore an Apple green morning dress and a matching hat and got into the waiting carriage . She looked a bit pale , tired and drawn out . 

She got to Lavender hall in few minutes . It wasn’t very far . She was the last one to be ushered into the drawing room. The rest of them had already gathered . They quickly greeted each other and got straight to the point . 

Lady Rebecca White narrated her whole meeting with the stranger and how within a span of an hour he had managed to kiss her twice . 

All of them asked her in unison” who’s he? Didn’t you ask ?

She answered “ How could I ? He kept vanishing “ 

They asked her “ Did you see anyone leaving the library after the murder “ 

She answered “ From where I was , I couldn’t see anything. Just heard muffled footsteps “ 

They all vouched to be alert tonight. There was a very big ball being held at the Viscount John longerev ‘s Manor House .

They went home rested and Rebecca started getting ready for the evening. Her mind on the stranger . She still couldn’t forget his eyes . 

She wondered, if he would be there tonight !!

She wore a beautiful Emerald green Velvet gown . It was trimmed with exquisite lace near the hemline , sleeves and her deep v . Designed by a famous French designer . It was simply outstanding. Rebecca looked magnificently beautiful. Her colouring was highlighted by the green . She wore beautiful emerald and diamonds tear drop necklace and ear- rings . A gift from her granny . 

Her mother was waiting for her by the door . They quickly got in and left . 

Once they got there , it was swarming with the guests . There was a surprise there . There were again given beautiful masks to cover their faces . It was a surprise masquerade ball. 

Rebecca felt her spirits sinking . Even if she saw him tonight , she wouldn’t be able to recognise him again . 

She entered and she was excitedly called by Jane More, her friend from the group . 

Just as she was being asked by the Viscount Greyhead for the first dance . 

Someone nudged him aside and said in a deep voice “ May I have the honour of the first dance “ 

Lady Rebecca’s heart started beating wildly . It was him. She instantly recognised the voice and eyes . 

She stepped on the dance floor with him and just then....


  1. But can we trust him ? He seems to be putting her in a spot all the time

  2. Who knows he might actually be protecting her, in his own style ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. And just then...??? Please post the next part soon !!!


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