Thursday, October 29, 2020

Meeting at Glasgow Manor

 The masked 12 planned to urgently meet at the Marquis Glasgow’s Manor . His wife Lady Jenny was the member of the Sisters of Charity . They also planned to meet there . As Lady Rebecca White was going in she met the Marquis again . Both surprised to see each other . She kept wondering to herself. How come he was here . He was wondering the same . Just then Marquis Glasgow known as Henry came out . He greeted both of them . They were introduced to each other . The ladies gathered in the drawing room . The men met up in the library . 

In the library , the discussion got very serious . They all swore to quickly infiltrate the docks and the Red flag Tavern to get information. That was the best place to get the information. 

Meanwhile the ladies were planning to keep an eye on two new ladies , who had just come into town . They all had their doubts on them . 

They all met for lunch . Lady Rebecca and the Marquis were inseparable. They spoke at length . Without realising how the time had flown . He impulsively invited her next morning for a walk in the park . 

Next morning Lady Rebecca White quickly rode to the park . Marquis was already waiting for her there . They rode together. Discussing their hobbies and what they liked to do . The Marquis had packed a breakfast basket. Which they laid out under a tree . They enjoyed it . They were both reluctant to leave . In the end they finally rode away in opposite directions .

Stay tuned for more .

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