Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Masked identity unmasked

 Next morning Lady Rebecca White rose earlier than usual . She went for a ride in the park . Came back , had breakfast and called for an urgent meeting . They decided to meet at Lady Agatha’s Manor House . They quickly gathered there and got straight to the point. They were puzzled about both the murders taking place one after the other . Tonight there was a very grand musical and a Banquet Dinner . Most of them would be there tonight . 

Meanwhile in one pub house in the by lanes of the busiest street , met the masked 12. A name they gave themselves. They were the secret service of the king . Who acted like his eyes and ears . They were equally puzzled . But were sure of the enemy infiltration. 

Marquis John Baronele stood in restlessness. He wanted to know after they were so thorough in their search , how could the infiltration happen . They all decided to be extra vigilant tonight. They had a feeling something untoward would happen tonight again . 

Lady Rebecca White and Marquis John were excited about something more other than this . They both secretly hoped to meet again . Lady Rebecca White was dying of curiosity . She was unable to forget his eyes . The Marquis could not forget her scent and the Mesmerising Eyes . 

Stay tuned for what actually happens there ? Will she finally know who he is ? 😉

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