Thursday, October 8, 2020

Life Experiences

 I always wondered why we are put through this roller coaster ride of experiences. Why always something unexpected? Why a mix of sorrow and joy ? 

In my quiet moments ! I got a lot of answers .

Life would have been firstly so predictable and  monotonous. Secondly no matter how many lessons are taught in the confines of your classroom. The best one teach you when you are unprepared and have no manual . 

My lessons in the battlefield of life were taught when at a young age , I lost my father all of a sudden . I always associate that moment with being thrown out in the open in freezing temperatures without any warm clothing . From a warm , cozy environment out in the freezing temperatures. 

One by one , I learnt all the lessons . Lesson of strength , patience , an inner strength . But my favourite was the lesson of compassion, empathy and kindness it taught me . 

I won’t deny that in the beginning , I was resentful, bitter and melancholic. In fact I was drenched in all 3. But in few years , I conquered all 3.

Life is never going to be easy . It’s not like, I have done my part of sorrow . Now I need all happy tidings . It’s fine ! Remember you are living in a transit . At the airport , sometimes there’s always confusion. Some flights are smooth sailing some are harrowing . Just keep gliding on ! Stay strong and stay positive!

Happiness is something , we need to work towards continuously. Every day is not the same ! 

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