Friday, October 2, 2020


 The power of you is something akin only to you . No one can understand your journey because no one has been in it . No one except you . Your path is totally your experience. Then who has the right to judge you . People are always quick to judge . Being judgmental is like a self carte blanche, which each thinks is  their right ! But is it really ? 

Just do what feels good to you . Leave a legacy of love and warmth behind . The ones who value you will anyway do it. The ones who have never seen your worth , Believe me!! They never will. 

It’s all about leaving a blazing trail of love and Humanity behind !!

Once you are long gone, if people can remember you with just a thought and a smile , it’s more than enough . A thought of you , if it can bring a smile on someone ‘s face . That’s a priceless legacy . 

What you have done selflessly, if it is remembered , that’s a true legacy . 

We come with nothing , go back with nothing and truly nothing belongs to us here . Just a transit living . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

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