Friday, October 9, 2020

Human Stars

 Some people are light , glow and hope. Truly ! Human stars ⭐️. I came across this line , and the writer in me got restless. My inspiration to write this morning. Many times in life , I have come across a point , where every door looked closed . Sometimes ,I would sit with only my thoughts. Sometimes , I would find that so called “ Human Star”. Believe me! These beautiful souls exist .

They are truly like those fairy godmothers, who come and wave their magic wand . Their magic wand of love , empathy , kindness , compassion and humanity . Just being with them makes you feel lightened. I have truly been very blessed and lucky in my life to have such beautiful human stars . Who just come and make everything beautiful again . 

Always look out for these beautiful disguised angels . They are always around. Who appear magically in your life . I aspire to be like this for others . If my words or presence could lighten someone’s pain or burden , it’s truly a beautiful feeling . 

This is my heartfelt legacy that I would love to leave behind .

Good morning beautiful souls !! Stay blessed. Enjoy the weekend.

Stay safe 😊


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