Monday, October 26, 2020

Honour each Experience!!!

 We usually tend to push our not so pleasant experiences to a deep corner within us . Revisiting them time and again . But that’s the biggest mistake we tend to commit. Go through the experience. Mourn it , if you have to . Vent out your hurt . Let it expel from your system. Then you’ll be able to move forward. 

Always visualise your body as your closet . Would you like to keep things , which remind you of something painful ? Should you hoarding very old things ? Don’t you need to de-clutter it time and again ?

Well Surprisingly , our body is like that too. We have to keep expelling the negative emotions, thoughts for us to be positive and productive. Beleive me , I know it’s not easy . But if you want to move forward in life and look forward to gathering new experiences on the way . Then this has to be done . 

Gather the happy experiences close . Nurture it.. Remember pain  and sorrow are also the other side of the coin . All these together help us in carving a better version of ourselves. 

Each experience teaches you something in Life school . I always believe life to be the biggest school and experiences our teachers . Each will teach you ! Impart a beautiful lesson !

Drop the resentment and Antagonism . They erode us . Practice kindness, humility , compassion. Forgive people who have not been so kind to you . 

Remember each one is battling something, which we know nothing of . Sometimes it’s something which has hurt then in the past . It could be nothing to do with you . Sometimes you are the soundbox or a means for them to vent out .

Lastly remember it’s a transit . Make it as sweet and memorable as you can . You have another destination ahead . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe .😊

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