Sunday, October 18, 2020

Feel Good Factor

“ Feel Good Factor “ does it really work ? Yes!! Indeed it does !!

Visualise yourself dresssed  in your best ! What feelings run through you ? 

Wouldn’t you like to step out and conquer the world ? Doesn’t it fill you with a surge of confidence ?

Never let yourself seep in the swamp of low self esteem. This is where the downhill starts ? It’s the pandemic! What’s there to dress ? And why should we ?

Why not ? Dress to please yourself!! Take care of yourself, like you would do any time . Your body listens to your vibe !! When your vibe is positive, your mind and body follow of their own accord .

If you don’t feel good about yourself, slowly you’ll start drowning in your woes .

Woes of self pity , low self esteem , totally de motivated and an all time consistent low .

Nothing should stop you from feeling good . Never !!

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