Friday, October 23, 2020

Enveloped Wishes

 I saw a beautiful image this morning. Which in turn propelled me towards writing this. I tried relating it to life . Don’t we also come into this world , like beautiful , colourful, unique envelopes . 

Over the time , the envelope opens and gives out its missives . Sometimes it could bring positivity , sometimes sorrow and sometimes loss . But does it stop you from opening the envelope . No!! It doesn’t right . We still like to be surprised and expect something new . 

The surprise gets us going !! Isn’t it ? That’s how it should be . Your special scent should be left in the envelope of life . Lending your fragrance to one and all . 

Your own unique colour , design and scent . Let it always bring something new to others . Leave your scent in the universe.

Long after you are gone, your scent is left somewhere in the universe . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊


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