Thursday, October 22, 2020

Doing what you want !

 There might be days , when you would just like to be ! Meaning do what you feel like . It could be very simple things . Thinking they are insignificant. Nothing is insignificant. Doing what your heart and mind want you to do . It’s believe me, truly significant. I always keep this phrase very close to me . Taught to me by my yoga teacher “ Respect your body “.

There might be days , you want to just take it very slow . Enjoy the day in your own way . Go Ahead ! Do It!

I have seen a thinking thread running , that we have to be super busy and kill ourselves . That shows your productivity! Really ! Are you serious ! I feel like questioning back . 

This morning wake up and do these few simple things and see how you feel . 

Take a deep breath . Take 5 deep breaths . Really deep.

Think of something beautiful. Anything close to your heart .

Smile 😊 

Say a silent prayer . Just be thankful . Literally count your blessings.

Listen to the quiet sounds of nature around you.


Feel the quiet around you.

Just write down something in your journal . Let it be free flowing thoughts . Whatever comes to your mind .

Decide how you would like your day to go . Slowly think about making it happen.

Do a few stretches . 

Drink some water and then go on to your Coffee  and Tea.

Listen to something soothing .

Always start your day in a restive silence . A bit of quiet and solitude .

Practice quality ‘ Me Time “.

Get set to conquer the world with a smile 😊 

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

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