Friday, October 2, 2020

Darab and Esme in love

 Marabella was truly their safe Abode !! This is where their love for each other Blossomed. Esme knew peace , love warmth and compassion for the first time in her life after her Marriage  ordeal . She had lost her parents in a car crash at a young age . She was brought by her uncle and aunt . Her uncle and her cousin were very loving . But her aunt barely tolerated her . Esme learnt long ago to live with her animosity . 

Her life had been a continuous struggle.


marriage was the worst. Today destiny had been kind . Darab was the best !!

Darab did not let Esme out of his sight for a minute . They went on long walks by the beach , read and had a good time just listening to the sounds of nature . Darab was incidentally very good at cooking . He enjoyed cooking for Esme . Esme was pampered to the hilt . She was enjoying herself thoroughly. Late at night Darab got a call. Darab looked worried . 

He told Esme after ending the call. Looks like we’ll have to leave by 6 . We are moving to another place . We’ll have to drive down there . Darab did not want to take a chance till morning. They quickly started packing. He called up his back up team and asked for their help . 

Just as they were leaving the cottage. Suddenly there was a loud crash !

They drove faster !!

Stay tuned 


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