Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cup of the World

 I always pictured the world as a beautiful tea service . I know, you all  must be wondering ! What kind of a comparison is that ? Picture the world in hues of pink and lavender . A beautiful tray full of dainty little tea cups and beautiful tea pots. 

We are all like those tea pots  . Made differently , uniquely and just as beautiful as any other. Sometimes we are already filled with most of it , what we pour out into the world . 

Take a pause and think !! What would you like to fill the cup of the World ? Would you like to fill it with love , affection, positivity , humility and gratitude. Positivity right !!

The negativity , harshness and melancholy can be strained in the drive of life and drained for good . 

I know you’ll must be thinking it’s very easy to say but very difficult to practice. Indeed !! It’s not less than a Herculean task . I know. Some days I have not had the energy to even smile through the day once . It’s natural . We are humans not robots . There will be days, when the will down in the pits . Always think of a bigger positive picture . 

Try practising gratitude every morning. A simple heartfelt thanks for what you have and see your life slowly transform . 

Good Morning lovelies . Remember the cup of the World has to fill with what each of us has to pour . Think what you would like to pour into it !๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


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