Monday, October 12, 2020

Encouragement versus Criticism

 Its very easy to quickly criticise, say something hurtful. Sometimes we even become very condescending. Specially with children, be very careful how you speak to them . Children need to be inspired more often .

Human is a social animal , who needs a lot of love , care and attention. When you speak to people kindly . Encourage them ! The most difficult task will be like a cake walk. 

Instead of reprimanding children, specifically in academics . Try starting with something positive . If For Example , they have done well in one subject , speak about that . Show how proud you are and then subtly make them aware that they will have to work a little harder towards subjects , which they have not scored so well. 

Adults are equally in need of encouragement and kind words . Genuinely appreciate them. Compliment in their achievements. Smile !! 

Your words should be dripping honey not venom !! 

Think about it !!

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