Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Count your blessings

 This is so true at a time when we are reeling with a magnitude of problems . Every part of the world is battling something or the other . We are dealing with a pandemic one of its kind . People are going through severe stress . Some have lost everything. Reeling under the attack of natural calamities . Sometimes when you see it looks like a totally lost situation. 

One thing which has carried me always through life that there is always a hidden blessing. He will never bring you to a situation if he does not have the faith that you will conquer it . So always believe that he’s watching and he’s ready to step in , when you need him. 

Keep the faith going. A little prayer sent to the people, who are combating different kinds of problems. May they all see better times, happier times and chaotic free life . 

More peace in the world !

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