Saturday, October 10, 2020

Art of coffee Making

 Coffee brewing is an artistic . It’s an artistic rendition of  a coffee lovers undying love . The brewing itself is an artistic expression. The swirls and the aroma and the whiff . When you wake up and the fumes start melting you and washing away the nights sleep , it’s the best feeling.

Coffee for a coffee lover is not less than a poetic rendition in the mug . When the fumes hit me first , my love for you multifolds . Every morning , I just love our quiet , coffee moments !! 

Just you and me and the beautiful peace surrounding us . I savour each beautiful moment . The reason I wake up with a smile . 

I had to write something about my coffee. I feel a traitor , if I don’t write about coffee once in a while! 

My coffee musings on a Sunday Morning. 

Coffeed Thoughts 😁

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