Sunday, October 4, 2020

A Comical Sunday

 Delilah woke up to a beautiful, sunny glorious morning. Alas! What did she know, It would be the worst one !In a long time to come . 

She started with planning her morning breakfast for the family . The water bottle had leaked in the kitchen due to which there was water on the floor . She slipped and the whole tray of eggs broke . A smelly mess!!

Next she started the washing machine  , suddenly there was fluctuation and the whole thing blew up. She had to rinse out the clothes one by one !

She put up the curry in the pressure cooker . The rubber slipped and the whole curry rocketed to the ceiling . She was in tears !! Dying to scream . 

She decided to just end this and told her family that they would go out for lunch . 

They quickly got dressed. As she was stepping out of the elevator, someone pushed her . Her phone fell to the floor shattering . She picked up the broken remains and headed out to the car . Guess what ! The car wasn’t starting at all. The battery had gone down . 

She burst into tears !! Gathered herself and called a cab and decided to enjoy what was left of her ruined Sunday . 

Phew πŸ˜… what a start !



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