Saturday, October 31, 2020

Murder at the theatre

 Lady Rebecca White and her family were settled in their places. Her friends sat next to her with their families . Marquis John and his comarades were sitting on the adjacent side. 

He looked very serious and watchful tonight . Lady Rebecca White nudged her friend and whispered “ I hope nothing untoward happens tonight “!

In between Marquis John and Baron Steele left their box for sometime to quietly investigate. Everything seemed fine so far . Those two new gentlemen were sitting across , on the other side of Marquis John. He wasn’t getting good vibes about these two . Something was definitely not in place . 

Everyone got involved in the second part of the play . It was very gripping as it was a murder mystery . Few people started moving towards the balcony . Out in the hall , some of them were just gathering , when a loud piercing scream ranted the air . 

Marquis John and Baron Steele were the first ones to reach . Duke Longerev lay murdered on the floor . 

Marquis John remembered that voice “ More Murders are planned “!

Ohh !! 

God !! 

Something had to be done fast. Time was racing against them . 

John and Steele quickly decided to visit that Tavern tonight . 

They left the theatre in a rush . 

Lady Rebecca White and her friends on the other side were discussing the same about quickly hurrying their quiet investigation.

Who do you think will uncover it ?

Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween πŸŽƒ 2020

 Halloween 2020#Pandemic 2020

He sat up there and watched . They get so excited for Halloween. Buying masks 🎭, decorating , Trick o Treats all in league with Halloween. Let me give them a taste of real . He said to the citizens of the world . 

Let me give you masked identities for sometime. Let’s extend Halloween a little longer . Let me trick and treat you a bit . 

So the year long Halloween was set in place . Humans reeled under the masked identities . Longing to unmask themselves! Ask them about masks ? They’ll shudder in repulsion !

The biggest Masquerade ball of the century for the longest time possible is in full swing . 

Don’t lose hope . Let’s hope just like the Halloween finishes . Let’s hope for the Best .

Meanwhile let the children enjoy by masking themselves and being out for Trick O Treat Ritual . 

It’s part of the journey . 

Enjoy the Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘» 

Paint Fiasco

 Avalie was called by her dear friend Emma . Emma had invited her to help her with the painting to be under taken at her house . Avalie arrived early ! All Excited !

Emma quickly briefed her . Just then Emma’s Mother needed some help . Emma had to leave Avalie in charge of the painting . Avalie got down to instructing the painters . She even offered to help . 

Mr. Smith a cheerful man got down to working . Busy mixing the paint . He was humming  a jaunty tune . Avalie decided to check what was happening in the other rooms . Mr . Browne was busy in the other room . Avalie decided to start painting the fence . She saw a bucket of something white in the tub . Thinking Mr . Smith had left extra paint . She got down to painting . Little realising that was Eraldite . Mr Sam walked in and by mistake he touched the freshly painted fence . He was unable to move. Avalie panicked and rushed in . As she was rushing in , she kicked the bucket of paint . The paint splattered on the floor . She was trying to shout out to Mr.Browne to be careful. He walked quickly and slipped on the paint . He lay in a pool of paint . Mr John came from the other room . Just then the cook was getting the tea and biscuits for all of them . She didn’t see Avalie rounding the corner . They both bumped into each other . The tea and biscuits flew all around and the hot tea fell on Mr.John burning him . 

Avalie decided to help them get up . She had carried her bucket of Eraldite . Now the Eraldite also lay splashed on the floor . Mixed with the paint . 

All of them were glued to the floor . Just then her friend and Mrs. Barnes , her mother came in . Seeing the mess , she fainted at the entrance . 

Her father and brothers were quickly called it . It took a while to unglue all of them . 

Poor Avalie , she and disaster went hand in hand .

Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Walking Disaster

 Avalie was a very sweet natured girl . But unfortunately , she never seemed to get anything right . She was nothing short of a breathing Avalanche.

She was rightly called a walking disaster . She was the one responsible for breaking things at home . Always tearing her clothes . Falling down while walking . Countless bruises and cuts decorated her skin . Her mother had hosted a big dinner at home h...h.home..for all her cousins . Avalie was strictly instructed what to do .

what to do . She was just asked to mix sugar before serving the juice to the guests . The chef had just finished with the final touches and had gone to rest . He had left the salt bottle out . The sugar the other helper had put it in . Thinking it was not required. 

Avalie arranged the glasses and heaped tsps of sugar into each glass. Without realising it was not sugar . The guests took one sip and started coughing and spluttering , some even choking . Her mother gave her killer looks . She took her in the kitchen and tasted from one glass , which was remaining. She reprimanded her .

At the entrance , Avalie found a small stain . Brought by someone’s footwear . She quickly got the mop and cleaned it and forgot to rinse out the excess water . Mrs Hartford wasunfortunately the next guest . She had  to her best and was very excited for the party . As she was walked in , she slipped on it . She was sprawled awkwardly and her bun lay at the other end of the room . She was mortified . Her hairdo a complete mess . She had injured her hip . 

Her mother was having a fit by now . She hoped nothing else would happen . Avalie was serving the roast . As she finished serving one side of the table , she came to the next . She tripped on the end of a walking stick . The roast emptied in Mrs . Redford’s lap some resting in Mrs . Blisford’s massive hairdo . 

Her mother was hitting the roof by now. She politely requested her to go into the kitchen  and help the chef .  

Avalie ‘s one disastrous episode .

Stay tuned for more .

Meeting at Glasgow Manor

 The masked 12 planned to urgently meet at the Marquis Glasgow’s Manor . His wife Lady Jenny was the member of the Sisters of Charity . They also planned to meet there . As Lady Rebecca White was going in she met the Marquis again . Both surprised to see each other . She kept wondering to herself. How come he was here . He was wondering the same . Just then Marquis Glasgow known as Henry came out . He greeted both of them . They were introduced to each other . The ladies gathered in the drawing room . The men met up in the library . 

In the library , the discussion got very serious . They all swore to quickly infiltrate the docks and the Red flag Tavern to get information. That was the best place to get the information. 

Meanwhile the ladies were planning to keep an eye on two new ladies , who had just come into town . They all had their doubts on them . 

They all met for lunch . Lady Rebecca and the Marquis were inseparable. They spoke at length . Without realising how the time had flown . He impulsively invited her next morning for a walk in the park . 

Next morning Lady Rebecca White quickly rode to the park . Marquis was already waiting for her there . They rode together. Discussing their hobbies and what they liked to do . The Marquis had packed a breakfast basket. Which they laid out under a tree . They enjoyed it . They were both reluctant to leave . In the end they finally rode away in opposite directions .

Stay tuned for more .

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wish List

 This morning I woke up thinking what to write ? I sat in meditative silence during my morning yoga pranayama. I was still blank . I finished my class . I was looking through some beautiful images . One really touched me . It led inspiration to my writing . 

It was an image of a beautiful tiny lamp hanging against a painted sky . Awashed in colours of sunset . A tiny , cute bird perched near it . I felt it was calling me to sit with it for a while . 

When I sat with it . I felt it telling me. What do you wish for this beautiful morning Shireen ? I answered “ I don’t know little bird ! What should I wish for?

It said “ Would you like wishing for others for the citizens of the world “

I answered “ Yes”! 

So we bought sat together in meditative silence and prayed together. 

Let each one be filled with immense joy , prosperity .

Gratitude to fill each heart and hearth .

Let warmth envelop each being . 

Let smile grace each face .

Let no eyes shed tears and know sorrow . 

Let them gather strength to fight the tough times . 

May they combat it with brace souls and hearts πŸ’•.

Let every corner of the Globe radiate positive energy .

Fill each hearth with good tidings . 

Then the little bird flew away with a little flutter . Leaving me happy and filling my whole being with immense gratitude. 

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Comedy of Errors at School

 It all started on a wrong note . I woke up with a splitting headache. My students had their term exams . I carefully arranged all their question papers . I walked into my sunny kitchen and realised with bleakness, my coffee powder had finished . There was no time to run to the store . I decided to stop in the way at my favourite coffee joint “ Chennai Coffee”. Guess what ! Of all the days , today he had not opened it yet . 

I drove in a sulky mood . My brain working on half a sleep mode without my morning cup of motivation, my steaming , piping hot cup of cappuccino. Through out my drive , I kept visualising my favourite pink mug with my coffee . Somehow I reached school . I went it hoping to request for a coffee there . You can’t believe it ! What happened! They also had run out of coffee powder . The store next to the School was closed. He had gone to his hometown . With a dejected sigh πŸ˜” I realised today I had to do without coffee ☕️.

I started arranging the question papers . I gave the children their papers . I noticed all of them looking uncomfortable, anxious and flustered . Looking at each other anxiously. I questioned and they hesitatingly said “ Mam today don’t we have English exam ?”.

I said “ Yes ! You have English!

They cried in unison courageously “ You have given us History papers “

This couldn’t be happening. Then I realised, in my rush , I had picked up the wrong File . 

I quickly went into my locker and took out another question paper , which I always leave for an untoward emergency. 

I quickly went into the office and gave them the question paper requesting them for the print . 

I came back to the class and was trying to joke about it . 

When the person from the office came frantically and said “ Mam !Mam ! I’m so sorry . My heart Sank . Now what ? I thought to myself. 

Usha dropped a whole pot of ink on the paper. Nothing is legible . This couldn’t be happening. I just sat still for 2 minutes . Suddenly remembering my phone had a pdf file on one more question paper. I quickly mailed to her . 

Finally after a delay of 45 minutes , the paper began . Resulting in my day running later than usual . 

I returned home with a even more full blown sitting headache . Some days are just not for you .

Phew πŸ˜… 

Basket of wishes

 Every morning if you were given a beautiful basket of flowers ! What would you intend ? If you were given the choice of being the messenger of good tidings and leaving it on a doorstep . What Wishes would you leave along with the flowers ?

I would love to cycle down the path carrying my beautiful, aromatic basket of flowers . Leaving the flowers and heartfelt wishes with a smile 😊 at each one’s doorstep ! 

Lacing it with affection , trim it with warmth , adorn it with kindness and tie it with a bow of compassion!! 

Just some Wednesday musings 😊

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Monday, October 26, 2020

Honour each Experience!!!

 We usually tend to push our not so pleasant experiences to a deep corner within us . Revisiting them time and again . But that’s the biggest mistake we tend to commit. Go through the experience. Mourn it , if you have to . Vent out your hurt . Let it expel from your system. Then you’ll be able to move forward. 

Always visualise your body as your closet . Would you like to keep things , which remind you of something painful ? Should you hoarding very old things ? Don’t you need to de-clutter it time and again ?

Well Surprisingly , our body is like that too. We have to keep expelling the negative emotions, thoughts for us to be positive and productive. Beleive me , I know it’s not easy . But if you want to move forward in life and look forward to gathering new experiences on the way . Then this has to be done . 

Gather the happy experiences close . Nurture it.. Remember pain  and sorrow are also the other side of the coin . All these together help us in carving a better version of ourselves. 

Each experience teaches you something in Life school . I always believe life to be the biggest school and experiences our teachers . Each will teach you ! Impart a beautiful lesson !

Drop the resentment and Antagonism . They erode us . Practice kindness, humility , compassion. Forgive people who have not been so kind to you . 

Remember each one is battling something, which we know nothing of . Sometimes it’s something which has hurt then in the past . It could be nothing to do with you . Sometimes you are the soundbox or a means for them to vent out .

Lastly remember it’s a transit . Make it as sweet and memorable as you can . You have another destination ahead . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe .😊

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The poignance of a farewell

 Farewell thee !!

So much of depth in these two words . So many different kinds of farewells in this world. Farewell to an old habit 

Farewell to a place 

Farewell to old memories 

Farewell to relations

Farewell to Emotions 

All a farewell in 

Some form or the other 

Farewell in many a ways 

And many a forms 

Farewell in thoughts 

Farewell in Thoughts 

Farewell in words

Farewell to a place 

Farewell to memories

Farewell to so many things in life . 

Farewell to negativity. 

Does a farewell bring a prelude to anything positive ? 

How many things we gather in our journey . How many things we leave  . How many things we keep with us till the end. How many we lose on our way . 

Hardest is bidding farewell to something beautiful. Something which leaves its impact deep within us . The hardest is , when you lose a loved one . Bidding farewell and sending them off is the hardest . Sometimes life doesn’t even give you a chance for farewells . 

What we can do best is always hope for something better . What is gone has moved ahead in it’s journey. We have to move on in our onwards journey. 

Keep the precious , beautiful memories within you . Hold them tight ! Be ready to make some more beautiful ones . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

Murder in the Alley

 Just as they were dispersing from the ball , Marquis got a sealed envelope. He quickly moved away and found a message for him. It said “ Meet me in the Alley . Important information for you regarding the murder “!.

He quickly signaled to his other friend . Explained to him in hurried tones and they quickly left the ball. Walking towards the secret Alley. One more friend had  been informed. He would be guarding the other entrance . As they were coming into the Alley.


.They  heard a whisper in the dark . 

“ I’m here “.! 

He came out . A scruffy  looking dirty man . He started explaining “ There are more murders planned “!

He was just starting to explain , when they were gunshots and he fell down in a pool of blood . 

Marquis and his friend quickly moved away and into the shadows . Their third friend was waiting with the carriage . He said “ I saw 2 men running away . By the time I caught up with them . They went away in the hackney”.

This was getting gory by the minute. The Marquis kept thinking about what the man said “ More Murders planned “!

He fell asleep in a dreamless sleep . Thinking about those beautiful eyes . 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Celebrate Life

 We usually have a tendency of waiting for an occasion to celebrate. I don’t know whether it’s our conditioning or it’s been done over the years . One thing , I have realised in the last few months . The most uncertain is life . Yet the most realistic is , that’s the only reality too.

I know it sounds a bit confusing and contradicting . What I mean to say is , life is an event . Is everyday same ? You think so but in actuality it’s not . If you sit with a journal and go back consciously to just last one week.

You’ll find there will be so many different occurrences . It’s not going to be magnitudally different . But there will be something different. No day will be alike !

That’s the beauty of life . So when you have a once in a life time event . You don’t know when it might seize . Celebrate πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ 

Celebrate with gratitude . Thankful for blessings . Be happy and always be grateful. 

Children are the best example to teach us this . No matter what calamity or what takes place . They always bounce back with a twinkling smile and a sparkle in their eyes . Their laughs and smiles are truly heartfelt. They just let it pass and bounce back with a vigour . 

Just some heartfelt musings 😊

Friday, October 23, 2020

Enveloped Wishes

 I saw a beautiful image this morning. Which in turn propelled me towards writing this. I tried relating it to life . Don’t we also come into this world , like beautiful , colourful, unique envelopes . 

Over the time , the envelope opens and gives out its missives . Sometimes it could bring positivity , sometimes sorrow and sometimes loss . But does it stop you from opening the envelope . No!! It doesn’t right . We still like to be surprised and expect something new . 

The surprise gets us going !! Isn’t it ? That’s how it should be . Your special scent should be left in the envelope of life . Lending your fragrance to one and all . 

Your own unique colour , design and scent . Let it always bring something new to others . Leave your scent in the universe.

Long after you are gone, your scent is left somewhere in the universe . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Doing what you want !

 There might be days , when you would just like to be ! Meaning do what you feel like . It could be very simple things . Thinking they are insignificant. Nothing is insignificant. Doing what your heart and mind want you to do . It’s believe me, truly significant. I always keep this phrase very close to me . Taught to me by my yoga teacher “ Respect your body “.

There might be days , you want to just take it very slow . Enjoy the day in your own way . Go Ahead ! Do It!

I have seen a thinking thread running , that we have to be super busy and kill ourselves . That shows your productivity! Really ! Are you serious ! I feel like questioning back . 

This morning wake up and do these few simple things and see how you feel . 

Take a deep breath . Take 5 deep breaths . Really deep.

Think of something beautiful. Anything close to your heart .

Smile 😊 

Say a silent prayer . Just be thankful . Literally count your blessings.

Listen to the quiet sounds of nature around you.


Feel the quiet around you.

Just write down something in your journal . Let it be free flowing thoughts . Whatever comes to your mind .

Decide how you would like your day to go . Slowly think about making it happen.

Do a few stretches . 

Drink some water and then go on to your Coffee  and Tea.

Listen to something soothing .

Always start your day in a restive silence . A bit of quiet and solitude .

Practice quality ‘ Me Time “.

Get set to conquer the world with a smile 😊 

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

Theft at the Red Blossom Manor House

 Lady Rebecca White looked a goddess in golden . She was excited for the ball tonight . She quickly got into the carriage . They started straight away for the Manor House . 

She met her friend as she was entering the Banquet Hall. It was a huge hall . It had been beautifully adorned tonight with hanging vases . Something brought in from Italy . Truly an unusual setting . It was a sit down dinner . Their name placards had  already been placed on the long table . She went and sat down near her placard . As she was settling down , she heard a deep voice on her right . “ May I? He questioned. She quickly turned towards the voice . It was definitely him . She recognised the eyes and the voice instantly . He smiled and nodded in agreement to her unasked question . 

They instantly got talking . They were so engrossed in each other , they did not notice anyone else . They were totally oblivious to what was happening around them. Once or twice they were asked questions by the other guests too . They didn’t realise, how quickly the time had flown . They were already being served desserts .

After that the men broke for wine and cheese . The women went on to have coffee . The musical started just then. It was very enjoyable. She was exceptionally good at singing . Just as the party was underway. Suddenly a woman’s loud scream brought everything to a standstill . She said “ In the room “. And fainted . 

They quickly rushed towards the room she pointed . Truly enough Baron Longway lay unconscious. He was hit on the head . There was a swelling near his temples . The safe door lay wide open . It had been wiped clean . 

The party dispersed . Everyone had lost the mood to party . 

The investigation was underway. Lady Rebecca White left with her mother . On the way they kept talking about the theft . 

She kept wondering! Why had the crimes increased all of s sudden . 

Tomorrow they would start their private investigation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cup of the World

 I always pictured the world as a beautiful tea service . I know, you all  must be wondering ! What kind of a comparison is that ? Picture the world in hues of pink and lavender . A beautiful tray full of dainty little tea cups and beautiful tea pots. 

We are all like those tea pots  . Made differently , uniquely and just as beautiful as any other. Sometimes we are already filled with most of it , what we pour out into the world . 

Take a pause and think !! What would you like to fill the cup of the World ? Would you like to fill it with love , affection, positivity , humility and gratitude. Positivity right !!

The negativity , harshness and melancholy can be strained in the drive of life and drained for good . 

I know you’ll must be thinking it’s very easy to say but very difficult to practice. Indeed !! It’s not less than a Herculean task . I know. Some days I have not had the energy to even smile through the day once . It’s natural . We are humans not robots . There will be days, when the will down in the pits . Always think of a bigger positive picture . 

Try practising gratitude every morning. A simple heartfelt thanks for what you have and see your life slowly transform . 

Good Morning lovelies . Remember the cup of the World has to fill with what each of us has to pour . Think what you would like to pour into it !😊😊

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Rainy day Musings

 I have never understood why a rainy morning makes me want to write more . I always feel my thoughts start having a will of their own . Compelling me to write more and more . I just love the beauty of this kind of a morning. 

All dewy and luminous. It’s like everything in nature has been given a new lease of life . Freshly washed and scrubbed . They look squeaky clean . I always feel like it’s their Spa day 😁😁. But all this definitely motivates the writer in me . 

I hope you all are blessed with positivity and a platter of positivism. Smiles lace your mood . Have a good day ahead . I love these mornings . There’s something very beautiful in it . 

Sometimes even writers can’t put it in words . Some things have to be felt. Sometimes even words don’t do justice . Maybe it’s the same here . 

Stay blessed lovelies and don’t forget your muillion dollar smiles 😊😁

Masked identity unmasked

 Next morning Lady Rebecca White rose earlier than usual . She went for a ride in the park . Came back , had breakfast and called for an urgent meeting . They decided to meet at Lady Agatha’s Manor House . They quickly gathered there and got straight to the point. They were puzzled about both the murders taking place one after the other . Tonight there was a very grand musical and a Banquet Dinner . Most of them would be there tonight . 

Meanwhile in one pub house in the by lanes of the busiest street , met the masked 12. A name they gave themselves. They were the secret service of the king . Who acted like his eyes and ears . They were equally puzzled . But were sure of the enemy infiltration. 

Marquis John Baronele stood in restlessness. He wanted to know after they were so thorough in their search , how could the infiltration happen . They all decided to be extra vigilant tonight. They had a feeling something untoward would happen tonight again . 

Lady Rebecca White and Marquis John were excited about something more other than this . They both secretly hoped to meet again . Lady Rebecca White was dying of curiosity . She was unable to forget his eyes . The Marquis could not forget her scent and the Mesmerising Eyes . 

Stay tuned for what actually happens there ? Will she finally know who he is ? πŸ˜‰

Monday, October 19, 2020

Purpose of Life

 Rosana thought waking up “ why should I wake up ? What is the use of my life “

These thoughts plagued her day in and day out . She had lost a lot of things in her life . She was layered with hurt and scars of the bygones . Despaired beyond repair . That’s when she found her purpose of life . 

One day as she was heading out for work , she saw a boy of 12 , walking down the street . His eyes sparkling and looking extremely happy . Something in Rosana lifted within. She felt a tiny trickle of unexplained joy washing through her veins . She stopped the boy and got talking to him. He explained , he was an orphan . He lived in the orphanage down the street . He said many people came and helped and did voluntary work . Today he was being taken to learn art . He spontaneously invited her to the orphanage. Rosana till date didn’t know, why she agreed to go with him. She called in sick at work and followed him. 

She never knew that chance meeting would change her forever. Today she’s a much happier person . She’s found her purpose in life . She’s working at the orphanage in her free time . 

Never despair in the journey of life . You never know what your purpose could be . Sometimes , we feel , we are tested beyond our capacity . But it’s not so ! We are tested to be made stronger and more compassionate . Never feel dejected or heart broken . Your story has been written by the best playwright . Some scenes in your play of life , might be a little tougher but then some might be beautiful too. Welcome each experience!!

Always believe your purpose is here for something bigger . You have to keep going towards it undaunted . Keep the faith going !! O’ beautiful citizens of the world ! Each of you are here for something beautiful! Never let anyone or anything take that away from you 😊

Stay blessed. Stay safe . Stay happy 😁

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Feel Good Factor

“ Feel Good Factor “ does it really work ? Yes!! Indeed it does !!

Visualise yourself dresssed  in your best ! What feelings run through you ? 

Wouldn’t you like to step out and conquer the world ? Doesn’t it fill you with a surge of confidence ?

Never let yourself seep in the swamp of low self esteem. This is where the downhill starts ? It’s the pandemic! What’s there to dress ? And why should we ?

Why not ? Dress to please yourself!! Take care of yourself, like you would do any time . Your body listens to your vibe !! When your vibe is positive, your mind and body follow of their own accord .

If you don’t feel good about yourself, slowly you’ll start drowning in your woes .

Woes of self pity , low self esteem , totally de motivated and an all time consistent low .

Nothing should stop you from feeling good . Never !!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Disastrous Sunday

Jaleh woke up very excited . She was having all her friends over for a get together. During the Pandemic and the subsequent lockdown , no one had met each other . They were dying to met each other . 
The menu was all planned . The girl who came and did the polishing and dusting was booked for the day . The dinner set was out . Everything was planned . She went into the kitchen and was making her coffee and enjoying it !! Thinking mentally , what had to be brought more . Suddenly the phone rang , the cook’s son called up saying his mother was very ill and wouldn’t be able to come in . Jaleh was flustered . She geared herself and called another helper . She agreed to come . 
As Jaleh was getting things ready , the person from whom she had ordered the desserts , called . He said due to the chef’s accident, they wouldn’t be able to process her order . 
Jaleh wanted to scream . She got down to cooking , making an easy recipe . The helper came and started helping her . Just then her son called her . Jaleh went out to see what he needed . By the time she came another disaster was awaiting her . The helper thinkin it was salt had put a huge portion of sugar in the chicken Parmesan mushroom. Jaleh was ready to weep . Nothing seems to be working out today . Why was this happening. 
Just then she heard a loud crash from the drawing room . Her beautiful porcelain vase lay in bits on the floor . Unfortunately meeting his untimely death . The girl looked sheepish . Jaleh controlled her anger . The table cloth was given to her to iron . 
Jaleh went back into the kitchen to check on the vegetable , cheese bake dish . By mistake the helper had increased the temperature of the oven . The bake dish looked a beautiful blackened delight !!
Jaleh Just sat down . Suddenly she heard the girl screaming “ Madam ! Madam ! Something is wrong with the iron  
Jaleh went running , her tablecloth was left with a large hole right in the centre. Just then she had her fill . She was hitting the roof . She sent both of them packing . 
She just ordered the food and desserts . She did the table decoration and finished the remaining dusting . 
She composed herself and got ready for the evening ahead . She decided to enjoy herself thoroughy . 
She went and bought fresh flowers to decorate the house . All was in place !!

Mystery continues

 Just as Lady Rebecca White and the mysterious man by her side were dancing . Suddenly there was a blackout. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear “ Stay close to me . There’s a big conspiracy going on . We are trying to unearth it “! 

He said this and kissed her senseless. Just then it was lit again . He bowed and winked and disappeared again . 

He seems to be making a habit of kissing her 

again and again . 

A deep voice whispered within her “ You seem to be enjoying it too”πŸ˜‰

As she went on to seek her friends , she spotted her best friend round the passage . As she was going towards the passage. A woman’s shrill scream ranted the air . Everyone froze . 

A hysterical Baroness, Lady Janette Black , came screaming  hysterically “ She’s dead ! And then she fainted . 

Lady Rebecca White rushed in with the others and saw young Lady Jeane Browne lying in a pool of blood . The dagger plunged deep in her heart . A deathly white pallor washed her . 

Lady Rebecca White came out feeling sick .

She was quickly summoned by her mother to head home . 

As she was sitting in the carriage, she thought to herself “ Why are murders taking place in Masquerade Balls ? 

She sat quietly. Thinking about what to do . She knew a meeting had to be called again soon .

Friday, October 16, 2020

Magic of the fall

 This caught my fancy this morning. Urging me to write about it . Lately , I have been writing a lot of poems around this theme . But when I sat and thought , I felt it is the most relatable . Isn’t our life closely imitating this season . We rise , we fall , we rise and then finally fall for good . 

This season is something which I relate to the closest . It’s have the beauty of ironies laced in its fallen leaves . Every season it gives away everything in the undying hope that he’ll be given a newer image . Then knowing that next fall it’s going to shed away everything again . Yet it doesn’t be grudge it . 

Knowing very well that , for something a new to begin . It applies to us to give away the old , shed our imperfections, strive for something new and beautiful!!

Welcome the new !! Shed the imperfections!! Strive for newer paths !! 

That’s what our journey is all about!!

Whether you are the lantern giving its light without expecting anything in return or lying just like the fallen !! What do you aspire to be ? It’s your motivation will take you forward !!

Life will never be easy neither the path !! That’s a fact and reality ! How you work around it , is your skill !!

Stay blessed. Stay safe πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ

Thursday, October 15, 2020


 I just chose this today. Without knowing what I wanted to actually put down. But then my thoughts just flowed . 

Today in the pandemic, being thrown out literally to battle more , is what is happening. Floods have taken away people’s livelihood, living, crops , families have been uprooted , some have even lost their loved ones . 

All this really makes me think of the uncertainty of life . Here we keep thinking πŸ€” 

what to do next . People sitting in their houses were suddenly left to combat one more calamity !

I feel like really asking him sometimes, what’s more in store ? Is it the Advant of negatives from here on ,. Or just a bend in the road ? Will we find green pastures . The world feels more chaotic and turmoiled by the minute . 

I just see misery laden hearts , despaired , heart broken individuals! In this ,the ones who can be positive and be a pillar for others !! Please do !! 

They really need it!! 

A special mention to all those kind hearted souls , those humanitarians , who went out into the torrential rains to help the ones who were stranded. 

Seeing Brave hearts like you , the faith in Humanity still stays !!

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Meeting at Lavender Hall

 Lady Rebecca White woke up early the next morning. She quickly got dressed and told her mother that she was going to her friend’s place. Countess Josephine More was one among the 8 in the group . Her best friend too. She wore an Apple green morning dress and a matching hat and got into the waiting carriage . She looked a bit pale , tired and drawn out . 

She got to Lavender hall in few minutes . It wasn’t very far . She was the last one to be ushered into the drawing room. The rest of them had already gathered . They quickly greeted each other and got straight to the point . 

Lady Rebecca White narrated her whole meeting with the stranger and how within a span of an hour he had managed to kiss her twice . 

All of them asked her in unison” who’s he? Didn’t you ask ?

She answered “ How could I ? He kept vanishing “ 

They asked her “ Did you see anyone leaving the library after the murder “ 

She answered “ From where I was , I couldn’t see anything. Just heard muffled footsteps “ 

They all vouched to be alert tonight. There was a very big ball being held at the Viscount John longerev ‘s Manor House .

They went home rested and Rebecca started getting ready for the evening. Her mind on the stranger . She still couldn’t forget his eyes . 

She wondered, if he would be there tonight !!

She wore a beautiful Emerald green Velvet gown . It was trimmed with exquisite lace near the hemline , sleeves and her deep v . Designed by a famous French designer . It was simply outstanding. Rebecca looked magnificently beautiful. Her colouring was highlighted by the green . She wore beautiful emerald and diamonds tear drop necklace and ear- rings . A gift from her granny . 

Her mother was waiting for her by the door . They quickly got in and left . 

Once they got there , it was swarming with the guests . There was a surprise there . There were again given beautiful masks to cover their faces . It was a surprise masquerade ball. 

Rebecca felt her spirits sinking . Even if she saw him tonight , she wouldn’t be able to recognise him again . 

She entered and she was excitedly called by Jane More, her friend from the group . 

Just as she was being asked by the Viscount Greyhead for the first dance . 

Someone nudged him aside and said in a deep voice “ May I have the honour of the first dance “ 

Lady Rebecca’s heart started beating wildly . It was him. She instantly recognised the voice and eyes . 

She stepped on the dance floor with him and just then....

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Colours of the Spirit

 Colours adorn our lives !! A colourless life or Nature both would be so meaningless. Colour symbolises and relates to our nature . There have been many studies regarding this . I believe in wear each colour in your life and spirit . 

Sometimes you might be in the mood of Red ! It symbolises passion and fire . Your mood might be to go ahead and do something you haven’t been doing . Rather pushes you to it .

Blue is more soothing and relaxing . Sometimes indicating you to be more relaxed and devote sometime towards nature . 

Green definitely indicates peace . It just washes over you . 

My favourite is Pink ! The different hues of pink definitely lifts my mood . It just adds vibrancy without being too harsh . 

Earth colours connect you to more of your primitive nature . From where we have come . 

Orange denotes a mild fiery temperament . Sunset is also washed in its hues 

Yellow has its more charm . I don’t know why I have always associated it with Summer. It feels very lemony 😁😁

I just love the play of colours in my life . Each has always played its own colour differently. It’s strange with some I have very pleasant memories attached . With some not so pleasant .

Sometimes with different colours, it takes me back to memories too. My childhood memories, my adolescence, so on . 

Always welcome different colours !!

We are in the season of colours of the fall!! Incidentally again my favourite. I always associate it with pine and crispiness. Tangy , spicey and burnished hues !!

O’ beautiful colours light each ones lives beautifully 😊.🌹🌹

Murder in the Library

 Lady Rebecca White quickly came back and joined her friends . She had promised the Marquis of Canteberry a waltz . She was dancing , when from across the floor , she could see her friends beckoning her . She quickly excused herself and started walking towards her friends. Suddenly her mother’s best friend stopped her . She had to stop and speak to her . By then her friends were gone. 

She started walking towards the other part of the mansion . Hoping to see her friends . She heard movement on the right side . She turned in at the corner . The door stood ajar . Thinking her friends had gone in to snoop . She tiptoed towards it . It was a beautiful library. But no one was there . Just as she decided to turn the corner . She spotted a movement near the extreme right . The book shelves were lined with velvet bound books . She walked there . Suddenly someone pulled her tight towards himself. He shushed her . Putting a finger to his mouth. Indicating her not to make a sound . 

Then he pulled her closer and kissed her thoroughly . Leaving her senseless . Suddenly they heard angry , muffled voices . A loud thudding sound and a scream . Someone quickly exited . This masked man quickly took hold of her hand and exited from the other door . The Baron of s huckleberry was lying in a pool of blood . 

He took her towards the edge of the garden and vanished quickly. 

She turned and went into the terraced area . There was a lot of excitement. 

Her friends called out to her . They quickly decided to meet tomorrow morning to discuss what had happened. 

Her mother was getting frantic . She had already called for the carriage . 

Lady Rebecca White hardly slept . This man had left her breathless. She kept thinking about him. Towards dawn she finally fell asleep.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Count your blessings

 This is so true at a time when we are reeling with a magnitude of problems . Every part of the world is battling something or the other . We are dealing with a pandemic one of its kind . People are going through severe stress . Some have lost everything. Reeling under the attack of natural calamities . Sometimes when you see it looks like a totally lost situation. 

One thing which has carried me always through life that there is always a hidden blessing. He will never bring you to a situation if he does not have the faith that you will conquer it . So always believe that he’s watching and he’s ready to step in , when you need him. 

Keep the faith going. A little prayer sent to the people, who are combating different kinds of problems. May they all see better times, happier times and chaotic free life . 

More peace in the world !

Monday, October 12, 2020

Encouragement versus Criticism

 Its very easy to quickly criticise, say something hurtful. Sometimes we even become very condescending. Specially with children, be very careful how you speak to them . Children need to be inspired more often .

Human is a social animal , who needs a lot of love , care and attention. When you speak to people kindly . Encourage them ! The most difficult task will be like a cake walk. 

Instead of reprimanding children, specifically in academics . Try starting with something positive . If For Example , they have done well in one subject , speak about that . Show how proud you are and then subtly make them aware that they will have to work a little harder towards subjects , which they have not scored so well. 

Adults are equally in need of encouragement and kind words . Genuinely appreciate them. Compliment in their achievements. Smile !! 

Your words should be dripping honey not venom !! 

Think about it !!

That Girl!

 From the fiery glint 

In her sunset eyes 

To the angry tilt 

Of her defiant spirit 

She was fire personified 

She always left a trail 

Behind her !!

Of her fiery beliefs 

And burning words 

Some etched on hearts 

Some on souls 

Some embedded deep

In the spirits !!

Her words would either 

Fight for some’s stolen 

Rights !! And for some 

She was the voice 

Of reason 

And the best 

She was !!

When she laughed 

With you unbridled 

What part of the 

World does she

Come from ?

My part knows 

Not of any 

Like her !!

A beautiful persona 

Of justice 



Love !!

Yes!! Et Al!!

Power of words

 Today I realised what power words have . I’m a writer or a poetess who writes straight from the heart . Whatever my  heart feels and what my mood is . No filters . Straight from the heart. Totally unadulterated!!

Today some poets comments left me in a bit of awe . My simple heartfelt sentences were helping people get motivated . They were indeed looking forward to a beautiful day . 

A few sentences for someone to do better . 

Maybe someone who’s in the throes of depression. Maybe for someone the journey is not so easy . If my words are helping them. I would like to say “ I feel truly Blessed “. 

I truly didn’t realise the power of words until now . It was a new kind of Awakening within me . What a wordsmith truly does in his or her little way is  actually making a difference!! Wowww!! This was a real discovery !! 

Good Morning beautiful souls . Just some thoughts of mine !! Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

Masquerade Ball

 Lady Rebecca White received a missive. It said , they had to urgently meet . Quickly she got dressed and left to meet them.  They gathered in their favourite place . Their friend’s    drawing room. Amidst their excited chatter. They quickly settled down . 

Lady Martha began “ Tonight we have to be very vigilant . It is rumoured Marquis Dane , is supposed to grace the occasion “.

He was noted to be handling a very complex

 spy ring . They were rumoured to be infiltring the enemy circles . 

They all decided to start spying tonight !!

Lady Rebecca White dressed in a wine coloured laced gown . It enhanced her light colouring and her sparkling green eyes . She looked simply stunning . As usual ,she was always unaware of the effect she  had on everyone. She was well loved and well liked !!

She finally reached the ball !! Her mask in place . Her friends gathered near the garden . They quickly discussed and dispersed. Lady Rebecca White danced a few numbers. She was meeting a lot of people. But there was still no sign of the marquis. 

Lady Rebecca White stepped out for sometime. She wanted a breath of fresh air . She was walking and sitting in the gazebo enjoying the quiet moment . Suddenly she heard a footfall. 

She turned and just then she saw someone coming towards her . 

A tall man wearing a mask . His eyes shown in tawny brilliance . They were piercing and looked right into her soul . 

He walked towards her and greeted in a deep voice” A breath of fresh air ! We all come searching for it ! Lucky for me ! I also found the most exquisite flower “! 

They got talking . And suddenly the moon shone brilliantly. She was pulled closed and kissed deeply. And just as fleetingly he vanished before she could gather her wits !!

Stay tuned for more !!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Still that same person

 Today my mood is to reminisce!! I still believe , I’m still that same person,  I was back then . The one who believed in wishing under the Christmas tree , the one who wished seeing the shooting star . In the little joys of life . Don’t know if the shooting star did fulfill my wishes . In the fairy tales , Prince Charming 😁😁 and in Santa . Which I still do . The whole spirit of festivals . The joy and festivities. Playing our favourite lucky song throughout the week of our exams . Considering it to be lucky . Believing in the lucky omens with my friends . 

Somewhere that child in me is still alive . Wishing to go back !! I still wish . But today I also want to practice gratitude. 

Gratitude for what was , what is and what shall be !!

It’s the season of fall.  I wish dearly and sincerely for everyone to be washed away with the negativity. Blessed with good tidings . May your home and hearth prosper abundantly!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Art of coffee Making

 Coffee brewing is an artistic . It’s an artistic rendition of  a coffee lovers undying love . The brewing itself is an artistic expression. The swirls and the aroma and the whiff . When you wake up and the fumes start melting you and washing away the nights sleep , it’s the best feeling.

Coffee for a coffee lover is not less than a poetic rendition in the mug . When the fumes hit me first , my love for you multifolds . Every morning , I just love our quiet , coffee moments !! 

Just you and me and the beautiful peace surrounding us . I savour each beautiful moment . The reason I wake up with a smile . 

I had to write something about my coffee. I feel a traitor , if I don’t write about coffee once in a while! 

My coffee musings on a Sunday Morning. 

Coffeed Thoughts 😁

Saturday night’s s plans gone awry

 Daria had been excited since almost a month for tonight. It was her cousins reunion tonight. They were all excited for the dinner tonight. It’s going to be a fun night tonight. Daria was very excited. Daria had taken pains with what she intended to wear tonight. But Alas ! Who knew it was going to turn out to be a comedy of sorts .

The day dawned misty and to a certain extent gloomy . But nothing could dampen Daria’s Excitement! As she was fixing her parlour appointment for her hair, a loud wail came from her son’s bedroom “ Mummy! Mummy!

Daria quickly hung up and rushed to her son’s room . He was just 2. A cute , cuddly , naughty 2 year old . He was in bed looking unwell. Daria looked at him and her heart sank . He was running temperature. She quickly got an appointment with his doctor. She took him there and got home and settled him.  The nanny was with him . Just then her daughter screamed. Ohh! God ! What now exclaimed Daria . She rushed , something had bitten her daughter ‘s eye . It was all red and swollen. A cute , pudgy 5 year old . Again she rushed to the doctor. She just got home , hoping to rest a bit and hopefully still be in time for the reunion. Her husband came home complaining of excruciating pain in his stomach. No way ! She took him to the hospital. Luckily it was nothing serious. He had a mild stomach infection which would take  a day to settle. After settling all of them and leaving them in the hands of her well trained nanny , she finally went in for a shower which she decided to change into a long relaxing soak in the tub . 

She came out and the maid knocked on the door. Looking very uncomfortable. Daria’s  Heart sank . She truly wanted to scream by now . She quickly asked “ what happened “?

The maid showed the burnt remains of her beautiful black sequins top which she was supposed to wear tonight. Daria shut the door . She took a deep breath. Her yoga teacher’s voice reverabrated in her mind . She could actually hear her saying “ Breathe in ! Breathe out !. Daria was actually ready to kill someone. Thank God ! She didn’t have a weapon !! Finally after composing herself for sometime. She quickly dressed herself. Just then her cousins called up hysterically “ Daria the restaurant is saying there’s no reservation for us !.

Daria was shocked , this couldn’t be happening. There was a slight muddle up . The one who had taken her reservation had gone on leave . Forgetting to inform the others . They were totally packed .

She quickly called her friend who ran a quiet little restaurant. Luckily he could fit them in . Lucky for them there was a Gourmet European chef visiting , they would get to taste some Gourmet dishes . She quickly got dressed and finally reached there !!

Phew πŸ˜… what a day !

Please God now not let anything ruin it . 

One of her cousin was allergic to shrimp. She had forgotten to tell them there in the excitement. As she finished having dinner , her face started turning blotchy and itchy . She was quickly rushed to the medical to buy her allergy medicine. 

Finally they sat at a midnight cafe enjoying their midnight coffee and chocolate mousse !! Laughing to themselves. They had still made it !!

“ All’s well that ends well”😊

Friday, October 9, 2020

Human Stars

 Some people are light , glow and hope. Truly ! Human stars ⭐️. I came across this line , and the writer in me got restless. My inspiration to write this morning. Many times in life , I have come across a point , where every door looked closed . Sometimes ,I would sit with only my thoughts. Sometimes , I would find that so called “ Human Star”. Believe me! These beautiful souls exist .

They are truly like those fairy godmothers, who come and wave their magic wand . Their magic wand of love , empathy , kindness , compassion and humanity . Just being with them makes you feel lightened. I have truly been very blessed and lucky in my life to have such beautiful human stars . Who just come and make everything beautiful again . 

Always look out for these beautiful disguised angels . They are always around. Who appear magically in your life . I aspire to be like this for others . If my words or presence could lighten someone’s pain or burden , it’s truly a beautiful feeling . 

This is my heartfelt legacy that I would love to leave behind .

Good morning beautiful souls !! Stay blessed. Enjoy the weekend.

Stay safe 😊

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Misty Moments

 A beautiful misty morning hazed by the brilliance of the morning rays greeted Lady Rebecca White. A headstrong, vivacious, vibrant personality loved by all! She wanted to make a difference in her boring world of ballroom dancing, Morning SoirΓ©es, Coffee Evenings and boring Theatre days.

She was truly different. An only sister to three loving , doting brothers. She would literally pluck the sun, moon , stars for her . Okay ! Maybe the whole galaxy😁. She loved her brothers equally. Her father’s loving Princess and Mother’s not so favourite πŸ˜‰. She would be constantly reprimanded to repair her tom boyish ways . Her tom boyish attitude never approved by her prim and proper mother . 

Her constant favourite line , which Lady Rebecca White had mastered to perfection. “ Lady Rebecca White could you please kindly be more Lady like . You are a disgrace. For the love of God can you be more Lady like !”.

Lady Rebecca White would give an exasperated sigh ! . And mutter to herself “ Here ! It comes again “.

But never to take anything to heart . She would go on with life . Quietly helping women in need . She would collect her money and give it to the group formed by “ Sisters of Charity “.

Her like minded friends started a paper and journal writing anonymously. Discussing women’s issues at length. She would sneak out and attend her meetings . There were 8 of them in this . Her favourite group ! They would sometimes have a naughty book reading session too. To inject a bit of light heartnedness. Dynamic women with Dynamic Thoughts !

Lady Rebecca White loved her Manor called “ Blooming Orchard Manor”. A beautiful, picturesque Manor . With blooming flowers all around . She loved to sit under her favourite Apple Blossoms and daintily sip her Lavender tea . Lady Rebecca White enjoyed painting too. Sometimes she took to the canvas and lost herself in the world of colours !

Stay tuned for more

Life Experiences

 I always wondered why we are put through this roller coaster ride of experiences. Why always something unexpected? Why a mix of sorrow and joy ? 

In my quiet moments ! I got a lot of answers .

Life would have been firstly so predictable and  monotonous. Secondly no matter how many lessons are taught in the confines of your classroom. The best one teach you when you are unprepared and have no manual . 

My lessons in the battlefield of life were taught when at a young age , I lost my father all of a sudden . I always associate that moment with being thrown out in the open in freezing temperatures without any warm clothing . From a warm , cozy environment out in the freezing temperatures. 

One by one , I learnt all the lessons . Lesson of strength , patience , an inner strength . But my favourite was the lesson of compassion, empathy and kindness it taught me . 

I won’t deny that in the beginning , I was resentful, bitter and melancholic. In fact I was drenched in all 3. But in few years , I conquered all 3.

Life is never going to be easy . It’s not like, I have done my part of sorrow . Now I need all happy tidings . It’s fine ! Remember you are living in a transit . At the airport , sometimes there’s always confusion. Some flights are smooth sailing some are harrowing . Just keep gliding on ! Stay strong and stay positive!

Happiness is something , we need to work towards continuously. Every day is not the same ! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The significance of 40!

 I never truly understood the magic of 40 till I was teaching Waldorf. The concept made clearer then. For a human to adapt a habit  , it’s proven scientifically too, the Rhythm should continue for 40 days . The magical number 40 has been a turning point in many leading personalities lives . 

That’s why they said sometimes till 40 , you might not even be clear with what you truly want in life . The turning point could hit you at 40 or sometimes even at 42. There will be a turmoil within you . You might want to break away from your old , existing patterns . Sometimes it could even be a change in career . A lot of life altering decisions are taken! Don’t be overwhelmed, it’s the most natural . 

Respect it !! It could be your calling ! 

For children to adapt into a routine , whether it’s a hobby , a lesson or even an everyday habit . Remember! Stick to the 40/45 day pattern. You’ll see the magic happening . Once it’s embedded deep down . Your work is done ! They will go back to it themselves!!

Don’t undermine the magic of 40. Don’t we start truly living our life at 40πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰!

I always like to believe in this phrase , incidentally, coined by me “  Truly young at 40”!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Every morning believe!

 Wake up with this belief that something wonderful is planned for you ahead . Wait for the day to unfold. When you go through your day with this belief, you’ll be ready for anything.

Some days can be a little tougher and some just smooth sailing ! That’s what makes it interesting. 

Our mindset plays a very important role in helping us to get through such challenging times . Challenging times teach us to value what we are blessed with. 

Always remember kindness and compassion helps you in living a meaningful life . Without both ,we are merely existing !!

Stay safe. Stay blessed 😊

Monday, October 5, 2020

Story of your life

 You are the one who’s going to play the main lead . Feel free to edit it . Twist it , make it exciting. Dead Boring !!

Sweetheart it’s all in your hands !

Load it with Satire and Pathos. A beautiful Poetic Rendition!

A Symphony or a classic opera. Do what you like!

But whatever you do , Remember it should 

make you happy !

That’s what is the requirement and requisite.

Like Shakespeare has said” All the world’s a stage and we are actors merely playing a part “.!

My all time favourite line which I love to hear often.

You have time till the final curtain falls . The last act of your play . The Grand finale!!

Make your life  even more Grander !!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

Sunday, October 4, 2020

EsmΓ© and Darab united

 They were taken to a safe house . Where they stayed for 2 days . Darab finally got the long awaited news , her ex- husband,had been arrested . Darab gave the good news to Esme . Now he could plan the next course of his life with Esme . 

He sat her down and explained. The next night he proposed to her. She accepted readily . They decided to get married in Greece . Their favourite place. They got married in a small cozy ceremony by the beach . It was a beautiful , quiet and very elegant. They bought a lovely villa by the beach . Happy bythe shore.

The still quiet of the night brought them together. An eternal bonding !!

A Comical Sunday

 Delilah woke up to a beautiful, sunny glorious morning. Alas! What did she know, It would be the worst one !In a long time to come . 

She started with planning her morning breakfast for the family . The water bottle had leaked in the kitchen due to which there was water on the floor . She slipped and the whole tray of eggs broke . A smelly mess!!

Next she started the washing machine  , suddenly there was fluctuation and the whole thing blew up. She had to rinse out the clothes one by one !

She put up the curry in the pressure cooker . The rubber slipped and the whole curry rocketed to the ceiling . She was in tears !! Dying to scream . 

She decided to just end this and told her family that they would go out for lunch . 

They quickly got dressed. As she was stepping out of the elevator, someone pushed her . Her phone fell to the floor shattering . She picked up the broken remains and headed out to the car . Guess what ! The car wasn’t starting at all. The battery had gone down . 

She burst into tears !! Gathered herself and called a cab and decided to enjoy what was left of her ruined Sunday . 

Phew πŸ˜… what a start !

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Never be Apologetic for who you are !

 Be the truest manifestation of yourself. You owe it to yourself . Never feel guilty or apologetic for being your true self . Once you discover that potential . You will immensely enjoy your onward journey in life . Otherwise it’s just going to be a hogwash . 

Learn to differentiate between” What truly Matters” and “ What does Not”

Once you are clear in your mind about this differentiation, you will have a clear chalked out path . Often we are so busy pleasing and valuing other people’s opinion that yours takes a back seat . 

Always believe that you have been sent out into this world for a purpose. Discover that and work towards it . 

After all you are the best creation !! Show him how good you are 😊

Some Sunday musings 😊

The Power of You

 A greatly inspiring book “ The Power of You “ by Shivi Dua. A random pick at the bookstore was greatly instrumental in changing my outlook towards life . It was an ordinary afternoon, my favourite haunt , Akshara Book Store.I was busy browsing through the books . Suddenly I chanced upon this book . I’m usually not much into self help books . But this book greatly influenced my way of thinking. It leant a different perspective.

I would like to share , what really brought about a change. She says in clear terms , “ Your life is your own canvas or maybe your landscape”.What you see , is your perception. That same landscape or canvas might appear different to different people. Would you keep changing your landscape or canvas to accommodate everyone all the time?. This really made me think ! 

She believes in the “ Power of You” and the “ Power of Now” . What you have is the present moment . So do your best in the present moment . Leave the rest !

Even the best laid out plans can go haywire.What better example , then the Pandemic to drive this thought Home . 

Stay blessed lovelies!

Just some Saturday afternoon musings 😊

Friday, October 2, 2020

Darab and Esme in love

 Marabella was truly their safe Abode !! This is where their love for each other Blossomed. Esme knew peace , love warmth and compassion for the first time in her life after her Marriage  ordeal . She had lost her parents in a car crash at a young age . She was brought by her uncle and aunt . Her uncle and her cousin were very loving . But her aunt barely tolerated her . Esme learnt long ago to live with her animosity . 

Her life had been a continuous struggle.


marriage was the worst. Today destiny had been kind . Darab was the best !!

Darab did not let Esme out of his sight for a minute . They went on long walks by the beach , read and had a good time just listening to the sounds of nature . Darab was incidentally very good at cooking . He enjoyed cooking for Esme . Esme was pampered to the hilt . She was enjoying herself thoroughly. Late at night Darab got a call. Darab looked worried . 

He told Esme after ending the call. Looks like we’ll have to leave by 6 . We are moving to another place . We’ll have to drive down there . Darab did not want to take a chance till morning. They quickly started packing. He called up his back up team and asked for their help . 

Just as they were leaving the cottage. Suddenly there was a loud crash !

They drove faster !!

Stay tuned 


 The power of you is something akin only to you . No one can understand your journey because no one has been in it . No one except you . Your path is totally your experience. Then who has the right to judge you . People are always quick to judge . Being judgmental is like a self carte blanche, which each thinks is  their right ! But is it really ? 

Just do what feels good to you . Leave a legacy of love and warmth behind . The ones who value you will anyway do it. The ones who have never seen your worth , Believe me!! They never will. 

It’s all about leaving a blazing trail of love and Humanity behind !!

Once you are long gone, if people can remember you with just a thought and a smile , it’s more than enough . A thought of you , if it can bring a smile on someone ‘s face . That’s a priceless legacy . 

What you have done selflessly, if it is remembered , that’s a true legacy . 

We come with nothing , go back with nothing and truly nothing belongs to us here . Just a transit living . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe 😊

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...