Sunday, September 6, 2020

Women should know it all!

 Why do we repeatedly expect women to be these super women wearing capes and flying about their chores?

Why can’t women just be what they want?

Why are they put into the old conditioned moulds if society repeatedly ? I repeat ! Repeatedly. 

It’s fine , if a woman does not have any aptitude for the so called culinary degree , which she is forced to take by her family . 

It’s perfectly fine, if she wants to concentrate on carving a niche for herself. 

It’s totally fine , if she is selfish at some times and is thinking about herself for the few moments in the day . 

Women please stop feeling guilty for wanting to do what your soul desires ? 

You owe it to yourself! 

You too have one life . Live the way you want . 

Some days if you don’t want to do anything, Repect it !

The earth is not coming to an end . You are not too good in things which are expected of you. That’s totally fine ✅. You might be doing something which you excel at 👌.

Break these moulds ! Set our girls free ! Let them breathe ! Start putting men in moulds instead . How about training the boys in cooking and household chores ! 

All the hard work women do ! Mind you ! The best chefs are usually men😉

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