Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What do you want to be ?

 As I was growing up , I was repeatedly asked this question? . Countless times! I would sit deep in thought pondering 🤔.Do I need to be something to prove my worth . My heart and soul won’t be enough to speak for themselves. I was told you need certificates, you need credentials to prove your birth . To excel in any field , you have to show your worth . I smiled and stayed quiet . 

I met “ Humanity “ as I was growing up. I asked her” I want to excel in your course “. How do I do it? 

She smiled , took me by the hand and said “ Shireen just follow what your heart says “? You’ll excel !! 

In my graduation of life , I rather excel in the subject of compassion . Always lend a shoulder, be a silent support for people in troubled times . I want those credentials to speak for myself. For me my “ Harvard , Oxford” is all being a Humanitarian first . 

Speaking the language of Empathy and Love !! 

What the world needs ? Be the best in that !!

Some Wednesday musings !


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