Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Taste of Life


Juicy just like my Margarita 

Boring like my salad

Hot and cold like paani puri 

Tangy as Pav Bhajji 

Heavy as Gajjar ka Halwa

Creamy like Rabdi 

Melting and cascading as ice-cream

Teasing your taste buds 

Just like Qubaani ka Meetha

Round and tomatoey like 

Chole bathure

Crispy just like the Dosa

Juicy like my kabab platter 

Confusing as “ Haleem”

Totally Hyderabadi like 

Our Biryani 

Chocolately yummmy

Like my salted caramel Tart 

Lastly bitter sweet 

Just like my steaming cup of cappuccino 

How can I forget ?

Sizzling as sizzling brownie 

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