Sunday, September 13, 2020

The path !

 “ The path led us to a beautiful destination in life . The Best ! But sadly not to unite” .

Samaira would be standing at her stop every morning to be picked up by her office pick -up. Amaar would drive past , slowly and consistently falling for her . Both heading to work . He would long to stop ! Wanting to know her . But “ Ego “ would stop him. 

For a year , he would drive past and would be thrilled just to catch a glimpse. One rainy morning, as he drove past , he did not see her there . Wondering as to what happened? Whole day , his thoughts kept going back to her . He could not concentrate much . He canceled his meeting with his team. He was not in the mood. 

Next morning , he drove slowly past , wanting to see her . She was not there ! It was almost a week now. What could have happened to her ? He became moody ! He didn’t feel like interacting with anyone. Sullen and quiet ! Oh ! God . So unlike him. 

He didn’t think in his wildest dreams that she had such power over him. For the first time in life he prayed hard . His parents were a little surprised to see him not going out much . He was spending quiet evenings at home . He just wanted to see her once again . 

Monday morning he eagerly left for work . She was still not there ! 

What do you think happens next ? Do their paths cross ? Keep tuned for more .

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