Monday, September 28, 2020

The Honeysuckle Cottage

 Red Gabled Roofs 

A cute green chimney 

Fresh smells of gingerbread man 

And cinnamon bread 

Stayed put in the oven 

My cute little granny 

Sat  perched on her majestic chair 

Boiling her favourite stew 

And waiting for her loved grandchildren 

Grandfather was as usual reprimanded 

For tucking into the fresh made apple jam 

And the creamy scones !!

As ‘Tis’ was five 

My granny sat all dressed and 

Ready for us !

Serving us in her dainty 

Little tea service of pink roses 

And Lillies ! Freshly baked cakes !

Dainty sandwiches and lemonade 

Sat waiting for us !!

How I miss my cute little granny !!

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