Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Positive Lens of Life

 Drop the Lens of Negativity!

Shun the Judgement!

Kill the criticism!

As long as I viewed my life with the different negative lenses , I found nothing. Only a truckload of wrong lenses. The day I threw away the lenses , I had acquired, over the time. I realised what had happened to all my own beautiful lenses. I started gathering each one of them lovingly . One by one , 

my own special positive ( negatives) . They were black and white initially . As the years went by they became colourful and vibrant . Now I have my own special Album. I love it to the core of my being . 

When I viewed my life and me with the new lens , I realised, I’m different and unique . Not made to fit into the mould of the world . Carving a new one for me altogether.

Some Random Thursday thoughts . stay safe  . 

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