Friday, September 4, 2020

Mystery continues

 Esme woke up screaming. It was a nightmare. She was trembling. He had found her . She looked around her, there was no one . She was safe . She took a deep breath . She was breathing heavily. She drank some water . Her head was splitting. She had to put him behind her , if she wanted to start afresh . She    continuously couldn’t be  haunted by him.

She decided to move on and start right away by enjoying the cruise . 

She went in for a shower . Her scars visible  .

The ones he had left on her back . It brought the pain back momentarily. She pushed it back . Quickly got dressed . She went up and joined the other guests on the deck . The sea was calm this morning. She just let the breeze gently caress her . She made some friends over breakfast and got talking . They chatted and played few card games . 

As she was going down . A man was purposely walking towards her . The fear was coming back . She decided to brave it . She couldn’t go on like this . He was very polite . He wished her in a very clear distinctive voice “ Hi! I’m Darab . 

She replied back a bit hesitatingly “ Hi! .

He continued “ I didn’t see you last night “.

She replied “ I was feeling a bit tired . Wanted to rest a bit “.

He smiled and politely replied “ Looks like you are in a rush . Let me not keep you . We’ll meet over lunch . Hope to see you then “. 

He smiled and walked away .

She thought to herself . See this wasn’t hard . I can do it . 

Stay tuned . More coming up 

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