Wednesday, September 23, 2020

My own makeup Tips!!!

 Being repeatedly asked by my friends , I have come up with my makeup tips!! This is what I use and works well for me. 

For make up to look best , your skin has to be squeaky clean and glowing . For the colours to enhance , your skin has to glow . 


Drinking 8/10 glasses of water is mandatory.


I believe it to be the quintessential!

 If you are tired 

Splash some rose water . Close your eyes and gently massage your face in soft circulation. 


Weekly scrubbing and using a pack is very important. You have to be careful with what works for your skin .


Clean your skin thoroughly at night . Use a pomegranate toner and a night moisturiser. That’s when your skin gets replenished.

Make up

Just before applying , I rub my face gently with 1,2 ice -cubes. Once the face is dry . Use a BB cream , I use Clinique’s . 

Eye Makeup 

I’m more partial to coloured eye liners . My favourite blue are :

Mac’s smokey eye 

Avon’s starry night 

Urban Decay 

And all time favourite is Nars 

I also use sugar blue eye liner . I like to use green , grey and sometimes brown too. 

My eye shadow palette is urban decay and huda . I like subtle colours . 


Mac , Maybelline and Revlon . My colours vary . Sometimes I’m  more inclined towards browns , at times pink and sometimes only red . Colours are something you should play around with. 

In the end I use Mac studio fix powder and NYC ‘s face shimmer powder . 

I’m not a person who likes foundation. I always believe makeup is just to enhance not to change you completely . 


This is the most important, it gives a complete look to your makeup . I like voluminising mascaras . I also use coloured ones sometimes. 

In the end it’s all about the mood you are in . 

The Golden rule is , if your outfit is of a lighter shade , your make up can be a bit heavier . If your outfit is dark , your make up should be lighter . Balancing is very important . Occasion, there are many factors that should be kept in mind . 

Breathe well, excercise , stay happy and be happy . Have your make up is already done !! 

Don’t forget to wear your million dollar smile at all times !! 

The other requisite is drop your worries st Home . Once you head out of the door , look forward to the evening!!

Enjoy yourselves!!! 


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