Friday, September 4, 2020

My Dad - My first Teacher

 On Teachers day , how can I forget my first teacher , My dad . He was here for a short while in my journey of life . But the foundation he laid , was very strong . Today I’m a blogger, it’s truly because of him. He instilled in me the love of English. He was a voracious reader himself . He had an excellent flair for writing . He spoke to me , explained to me .

The most important lessons he imparted were the lessons of life . Those took me ahead without him. There’s no single moment in my life that I do not miss him. He was the perfect, ideal symbol of fatherhood. My hero !!

I love him to the moon and back and more if it’s possible. He taught me humility . He always quoted Imam Ali(a.s) Quote” Never look at people who are blessed more than you . Look at people who don’t have much . You’ll always be happy” . 

He taught me compassion, the art of selflessness being kind and always being there for others . 

The other favourite of his was” when you do something for others , do not expect anything from them. Do your bit and leave it . He’s up there watching “.

All these lessons took me a long way in life to become a better human. The rest of the lessons I learnt on my onwards journey without him. 

Till we meet again. “ Happy Teachers Day to my best teacher “ . Remember when we meet again , we have a lot of catching up to do 😊

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