Sunday, September 6, 2020

Men should know cooking too!

“ Beta do you know cooking “?

The first question very sweetly asked by the boy’s family , when they came to see Neha for the first time . A shy timid Neha looked up . Desperately being signaled by her mother to say a yes . She nodded her head .

Q2) Aur Kya Kya Ghar ka Khaam aata hai”?

Wait a minute ! What is she ? Why should she firstly know all the household chores? 

Why can’t a woman asked about, what does she like doing? What are her interests? 

These questions are never asked . What is asked is what is expected .

Reema did not know cooking at all. 2 Morning’s after her wedding, she couldn’t even make egg properly . 

“ Iss ko toh Anda banane bhi nahi aata “ 

A series of taunts came her away . 

How come we never ask these questions to boy’s ? 

Why doesn’t the girl’s family ask the same questions to them?

A woman will only be measured by the culinary delights she whips up for her family . What about her other achievements? Don’t they matter ? 

Who cares if she can’t cook ? 

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