Sunday, September 27, 2020

Just the way you are !

 Life is a very strange teacher ! The best lessons of my life , I didn’t learn in the classroom. Out in the field of life . 

Various instances , various occasions all taught me one thing . It’s all matter of perception. No matter how much you do for some people, they just cannot accept you or like you . That’s their pre- conceived notions . 

Some people will love you for just the way you are ! Those are your people. We are always given a mix of both . You have to in the drive of experience learn to differentiate. 

If you don’t end up doing this , you will have a lot of negative feelings home within you . 

It took me a long while and my own share of disappointments and hurt . But today i’m A much stronger  , happier and positive person . I stay with people who bring out the best in me . 

Love me just the way I’m. My difficult, quirky and a different me . 

Learn to value these beautiful souls !! Selfless love is rare in today’s times . If you have found it , you have found the best treasure. It’s totally priceless 😊


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