Monday, September 28, 2020

I’m trying !

 Aaira’s story was not any different . She would wake 

up in the morning and get to work immediately. She had 2 young children, a demanding husband and aging in- laws . She had to get everything rolling before she could start rolling out for work. 

Her day would begun at 5 . After that she would be continuously working . Butunfortunately for her no one ever seemed to be satisfied. It was a never ending story . All the time something didn’t seem to be right .

Once a month she would go out with her friends for dinner . It was a ritual , which had gone on for so long  . It was a part of her life . The only thing , which made her truly happy . 

One day she came across an article . Which made her think too . Why did she have to be

perfect? She was a human with different interests . She was not here to please everyone all the time . What about her? What she wanted in life ?

One morning it all changed. Aaira woke up with a bad headache. She was running late . Trying to multi task as much as possible. 

The children were shouting for their breakfast,her in- laws wanted their tea , her husband wanted his tiffin packed . Suddenly something snapped in her . 

She came out of the kitchen and said “ I’m A human not a robot . They all stared at her , totally dumbfounded. She said “ have any of you bothered to even ask if I have had my breakfast or do you have time to even have a cup of tea” .

Every single day ,I’m running pillar to post to get things done . But none of you even bother to ask , if I get time to eat . I’m going away for a few days . Please manage on your own . Aaira left for Delhi to visit her cousin .

On the flight , she kept thinking for a long time. It was the way girls are brought up . Always conditioned to sacrifice and keep quiet. You can be miserable, upset but always have a smiling face . Your likes and dislikes don’t matter . Your individuality doesn’t matter at all. 

What is the role of a woman ? She keeps living and sacrificing eternally. Then when does she live for herself? Is a slot given to her till she is alive ? 

Story of countless women . 


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