Sunday, September 20, 2020

Heartfelt musings

 I just want the world to know happiness and peace again . A heartfelt wish I paint on the horizon of life” To see the world contented “ once more. Long for an encore again . How we crave for normalcy again? Would we ever be bored now for normal? Just simple pleasures , I long for again . 

To just sit with my loved ones unmasked . Out in the open to breathe without fear . A cup of coffee shared lovingly with my friends. A meal served with love and shared with loved ones .

 Who knew there would be a time , where the almighty would say “ you were bored with normal” . 

“ Now we crave for it”!

One thing I learnt just extend your gratitude at all times . Don’t know what life has in store next . Spend each living moment doing what you feel like. Who knows what times lay ahead . Maybe life will not be the same .

Truly be grateful and thankful. What is , is !

What shall be , shall be !

Rest is all a series of “ what if’s “?


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