Friday, September 4, 2020

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

 I always say this “ Mother’s are truly the first teachers . A child’s first school is his or her Mother’s lap”. 

I have been blessed with a lot of children as students . I feel teaching is the most beautiful profession in the world . Unadulterated love and devotion . Such beautiful adoration we receive . All my students have enhanced me in my teaching through their association . I owe it to them. Today as a teacher, where I am , it’s their own special Touch . 

Each of them , have left their own identity in my journey. My lesson plan of life has been completed due to each one of them. I love being a teacher to all my special lovely students . All my students are truly special .

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!!! The teachers come later , the second moms . It’s truly you’ll who lay the foundation. We only build on it 😊. 

Love my students to the moon and back 😘

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