Sunday, September 6, 2020

Esmé unwinds

 Esmé was excited after a long time. She was getting dressed for the party tonight . It had been so long since , she had felt like dressing. He had killed all her dreams and aspirations one by one . She had lived for years in the graveyard of her dreams . Dreams some which had died their natural death. Some killed by her . 

She looked beautiful tonight. Beautiful from 

within and beautiful from out . She looked up and said a silent prayer . Please! Let not my fear ruin it.

She went up onto the deck . It was a beautiful night . The sea was also in a musical mood tonight . She was enjoying on her own by the deck for sometime. When she heard someone calling out to her . It was Mrs. Smith. A sweet person . 

She instantly walked towards her . They sat together for sometime. Just then Darab came and wished her . “ Good Evening ! 

Esmé wished him back with a smile. 

“ would you care for a dance with me “? He asked .

She ws hesitant . Mrs. Smith urged her on with a wink 😉.

Esmé and Darab danced for sometime together. 

Slowly Esmé relaxed . After years she felt so free spirited . When had she danced like this ? 

No memory . 


  1. True to it's title 'Esmé unwinds'!! All the feelings and every act Beautifully described 👌🏼👏🏼

  2. Thank you 😁. Really appreciate you being here as always 😊.

  3. 😍🥰🙈 Thank you. So nice of you!


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